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HS305: Research Methods for Health Science


The last time i was home in SC i had to go to the emergency room. There were survey sheets on the tables in the waiting area and in the room they put me in. So after i saw the doctor and they released me before i left i filled out the survey. They asked questions like this:

  • how long was your wait time.
  • were the nurses and doctors nice.
  • was the admitting process o.k.
  • would i bring someone else to this hospital.
  • did i need wheelchair and did they supply me with one.
  • how would you rate your overall visit.

They are looking for any weaknesses in their day-to-day functions. Looking for ways to strengthen areas rapidly to monitor change. Making sure all parties involved are contributing to the success of their organizations. So putting out surveys and asking questions from the emergency room attendees while they are going through the process is a good way to get the people's opinion. Once their desired data is in now they can hire or fire the help. Create ways to make the process in the ER go faster or smoother or do nothing. This is just a way to find out whatever needs to be done to make an overall positive, change to increase revenue and exemplify politeness at the same time.

This data can be used to get the opinion of the multi-cultural attendees and what they would like to see changed. Also to set goals to accomplish and to find out information from a geographical stand point.



Professor and classmates,

I just recently completed a satisfaction survey actually. I normally get a lot of surveys sent to my email asking me to complete based on stores I shop at, restaurants, etc and I don’t always take the time to do them as I should but in this case I did. I usually fill them out if I had a super great experience somewhere or a really terrible one. In this case. I completed the survey because I didn’t have a great experience in this situation and wanted it to be known so it doesn’t happen again, hopefully. The survey was for a car dealership where I was having my car repaired at as it had a lot of issues. My experience with the front desk associate was not great as I thought he was very rude towards me. I won’t go into details but just not a good one on one experience with someone, especially for a dealership who should be portraying professionalism. The survey asked questions like “have we meet your expectations” “was there anything we could’ve done to improve your experience” and basically give my visit an overall rating. The point of the satisfaction survey is to give feedback to this business on things they may need to improve on or things they do well. Business’s want to satisfy their customer/clients so these surveys are created to make sure that happens and give insight. This type of data can be used to determine organizational action because say this car dealership keeps getting negative feedback maybe on a particular thing or maybe multiple things, the business should then come together and come up with a plan to fix the issue to make sure it doesn’t keep happening.


HS415: Environmental Health


Good afternoon everyone.

When it comes to landfills there’s always going to be pros and cons. The obvious one being the piles of nasty trash and the smell that comes with it. We see different things in the headlines about how bad landfills are. Like in Alabama, some residents in Arrowhead near the landfill have reported health problems and civil rights violations connecting with the permitting of the landfills. Or in Ohio, where the township has actually gone to court with Rumpke Waste & Recycling about their request to expand its landfill. So, of all the bad news, what’s the good news? The good news is we still have many years of disposal capacity left. This doesn’t necessarily make it any better. Personally, I feel that we should be doing more to take care of our planet. There has to be a better way of disposing waste. We found a way with recyclables, I think in time we will with other wastes as well.



As with anything in the world, landfills that are used to dispose of wastes have pros and cons. Landfills that are used to dispose of solid wastes are called municipal solid waste landfill (MSWLF). “A MSWLF may also receive other types of nonhazardous wastes, such as commercial solid waste, nonhazardous sludge, conditionally exempt small quantity generator waste, and industrial nonhazardous solid waste” (EPA, 2018). Landfills today are much safer than they use to be because of technology that helps break down the waste and detect harmful chemicals. There are restrictions and requirements that landfills have to abide by as well. Some problems that are associated with landfills are the amount of toxins, greenhouse gases, and leachate. Although there are safeguards implemented in landfills to regulate and decrease the amount of harmful chemicals and gasses, there is no way to completely prevent contamination. Leachate for example, is a “highly toxic and can pollute the land, ground water and water ways” (Environment Victoria, 2013). For this reason, I do not think that landfills are a good way to dispose of solid wastes. There are many alternatives such as anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis and plasma arc gasification, waste-to-energy incineration, and composting, mechanical biological treatment, but these methods also have issues associated with them; mainly pollution. It seems like there is no completely risk-free way to dispose of wastes.


Students are expected to: Participate with the required number of relevant postings of required length Post initial response by Saturday; all additional comments posted by Tuesday Support ideas with information from course materials and/or outside sources when appropriate, using APA format Instructors: Enter correct total available points in H5 and scores into ce Introductory Initial post timeliness 0-1 No initial post (0). Provides initial post after Sunday (1). Emergent Practiced 2 3 Provides initial post by Sunday N/A No additional Additional comments (0). Posts Posts one comment Posts 2 comments comments and comments unrelated to related to the discussion related to the engagement the Discussion topic topic. discussion topic. (1). Submission does not Initial relate to the topic Response and/or incomplete Content Quality responses to most topics. Spelling/ Grammar/ Formatting/ Mechanics Significant errors in spelling and/or grammar. Major flaws in writing mechanics and formatting. Length* (applies to Submission does not Discussion meet length Boards with requirements. posted length requirements) Feedback: Answers some question/topics with some clearly stated opinions. Answers all questions with opinions and ideas that are stated clearly. Uses Standard American English with Poor spelling and rare errors and grammar are apparent. misspellings. Minor Does not use APA in-text errors in APA in-text style formatting when style formatting when needed. needed. Includes list of references when citations are used. Only one post meets length requirements and/or initial post does not meet length requirements Initial post and one reply post meet length requirements n appropriate, using APA format for in-text citation and references. e points in H5 and scores into cells in column F. Total available points = Proficient/Mastered Score 4 0-4 Provides an initial post by Saturday. Posts 2 or more comments in response to others that provide thoughtful insight to the topic and frequently attempts to motivate the group discussion. Answers all questions with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using outside sources when appropriate. Consistently uses Standard American English with rare misspellings. Appropriate mechanics and APA intext style formatting when needed. Includes a properly formatted list of references when citations are used. All submissions meet posted length requirements. Weight Final Score 15% 0.00 30% 0.00 40% 0.00 10% 0.00 5% 0.00 100% 0.00 Final Score 0 Percentage #DIV/0!

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HS305: Research Methods for Health Science
I concur with your realization that the survey was a useful data collection tool for the
purpose of implementing change withing the Emergency response system of the hospital.
However, while the instrument of measurement can pose its ugly side too. For instance, some
respondents might not be compelled to give their accurate opinion of the service an...

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