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You did a paper for me a few days ago, the second one is due in two weeks. Using the sma eformat before but a different subject can you do this?



 Your assignment is to investigate a professional journal in
the field of philosophy for an article based on one of the following topics.
(Use one topic per article review assignment):

  • The Existence of God
  • The Problem of Evil (Why does an Omnipotent God Allow Evil?)
  • Euthanasia
  • Cloning Cells for Medical Treatment

The article should not be more
than two years old. The minimum word requirement is 750 words using APA style.
You may choose from any philosophical journal in the online Waldorf library. You
are encouraged to utilize one of the Research Databases found in the online
Waldorf Library. These databases will allow you to quickly search through
thousands of journal articles. The object of your critique is to describe how
the study followed or failed to follow the criteria for good research. Speculate
on which of the writer's conclusions were warranted and which were not. Please
include the following headers in your critique of the selected article:

  • A brief introduction or abstract of the article.
  • A statement of the research problem.
  • A description of philosopher's conclusions.
  • Evidence used by the philosopher to support the conclusion.
  • Analysis of the philosopher's evidence and conclusion.
  • Your own ideas or position on the topic.
  • Cite Journal, article title and author information in bibliography

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