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Crime and Criminology

Criminology studies criminal behavior in society. Criminal behavior is behavior that breaks criminal codes established by our society. In a well-constructed, one page essay (500+ words), discuss the origin, evolution, and modern day criminal law from the Code of Hammurabi to the current separation of misdemeanors and felonies. What do you see for the future of criminal law?

(NOTE: A “well-constructed” essay will be in complete sentences and paragraphs. It will be structured to include an introduction, body, and conclusion. While APA references and citations are not required for this course, they are strongly suggested since they will be required in future courses. Also, you must at least attempt to provide citation and reference information for any specific information that you use that is not your own thoughts in order to avoid plagiarism).



Currently, criminologists in the United States primarily utilize two methods for collecting crime data; The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). These two data sources are heavily relied upon when studying crime rates and trends. The UCR and the NCVS provide different data, and in our textbook, in Chapter 2 there is a plethora of information regarding the UCR and the NCVS and how each is used, their validity, and possible future implications on how crime data is collected.


You are a lieutenant working for The Big Deal Security Company, which has seen exponential growth over the last few years. The owner of the company is looking to expand the business and would like you to create a proposal by comparing two cities in two different states. When evaluating the two cities, keep in mind that some of the current employees will relocate, and the boss would like you to develop a proposal on which of the two cities would be a better choice to raise a family.

For your proposal, you will need to use the information from both the UCR and the NCVS.


1.First, choose two different states then pick a city in each of these states that you believe The Big Deal Security Company could open another successful office.

a.For example Dallas, Texas and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2.Second, go to the Uniform Crime Report website

3.Once on the website, select the first state you have chosen in the drop down box then click the Next button

For my example, I selected Dallas.

4.Now in the drop-down box labeled (a. Choose an agency) find the law enforcement agency in the city you have selected.

a.For my example, I selected Dallas Police Department; I could have chosen theDallas County Sheriff’s Department if I was going move business to the county.

5.Now go to the drop-down box on the right labeled (b. Choose one or more variable groups) – Hold down the shift key and select Number of violent crimes and Number of property crimes and then click on the button labeled - Get Table.

6.Review the information on the table for the total number of aggravated assaults and the total number of burglaries – write down this information to use later. Repeat this process for the second city and state you chose.

a. ***Make sure the “Choose one or more population groups” is on “ALL.”

7.Once you are done, click on the link below, which will take you to the National Crime Victimization website.

8.Now scroll down until you Find Table 4 and write down the number of burglaries and aggravated assaults reported in 2014.

9.Now you are ready to evaluate the crime rate for burglaries and aggravated assaults in the two cities selected, to help you complete your proposal as to which city would be a more favorable location for the new office.

Instructions for your proposal:

1.Include these elements in your proposal paper:

2.A title page – get creative on your title page (background and border), but make sure to include the title of your presentation, your name, and the date

3.Starting on the second page of your proposal

Part 1:

Introduce the two states selected and why the two cities within these states would make a great location to expand The Big Deal Security Company.

Part 2:

Demonstrate your understanding of the statistical data collected from the UCR and how it differs from the NCVS (where is the data for each of these databases derived from).

Compare the violent crime rate (aggravated assaults) and the property crime rate (burglaries) you collected from both the Uniform Crime Report and the National Victimization Survey on both cities.

Part 3:

Describe the possible effects the information in the UCR and the NCVS may have on a community (e.g., business and population growth, schools, and law enforcement).

Explain the different demographics of each city you are comparing (e.g., population, resources, and unemployment rate).

Clarify why you would or why you would not move the company to each one of the cities you have researched (give specific examples).

Part 4:

State why it is essential for crime data to be available to the public and its usefulness.

Part 5:


(This page is the very last one in your proposal; it stands alone at the end of your paper, and only contains the references for your document).


Reimbursement Methodologies

In a two page, double spaced document using references in APA Format: A fee schedule is a cost-based, fee for service reimbursement methodology. Distinguish some features of a cost based reimbursement methodology and a price based reimbursement methodology. Discuss how each methodology has contributed to an increase or decrease in the healthcare cost for patients.


Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells

Chapter 3 of the textbook outlines the basic structure and components of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. In your assignment, compare and contrast the characteristics of both cell types and provide an example of each. Then, in your own words, discuss the significance of this difference between the two kinds of cells. Why do scientists emphasize this distinction?

Your assignment should be 500 words in length.


Changes to Supply, Quantity Supplied, Demand, and Quantity Demanded

Using the table, for each line item and its associated column, describe how the market for each specific product will be affected by the associated event indicating whether it will rise, fall, or no change. For example, in the first line item for the market of corn, based upon the event of a severe drought, the price will either rise or fall or no change, demand curve will shift left (fall) or right (rise) or no change, supply curve will shift left (fall) or shift right (rise) or no change, quantity demanded will rise, fall, or no change, and quantity supplied will either rise, fall, or no change.


Market for:


Demand Curve

Supply Curve

Quantity Demanded

Quantity Supplied

A severe drought hits the Midwest corn growers


The U.S. government reduces taxes on imported lumber

New Home Building

The federal government raises the minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $11.00 per hour

Minimum wage jobs

Technology improves for automobile assembly


Tutor Answer

School: Boston College


Crime and Criminology
According to Siegel (2015), criminology may be defined as a branch of academics which employs
scientific methods to study cause, nature, control and extent of behavior of criminality. The field
of criminology has specialists called criminologists whose work is to research on criminal
activities and their consequences to the public. Criminologists are known to use provided statistics
and also measures of crime for them to investigate on the amount and trend of activities that are
considered as criminal in nature. New crimes keep on emerging which creates more demand for
criminologists in order to suit in the system of criminal justice. While criminology may be defined
as the study of criminal activities, criminal justice is popularly defined as the actual crime one has
committed and its prescribed punishment.
Criminal justice system in any country is usually known to be composed of three main
components; the police, the courts and the correctional facilities. Police are the basic law enforcers
agency who ensure peace is maintained at all time. The police also respond to emergency
situations, play a role of arresting suspected criminals and also doing investigations on criminal
activities. Courts are responsible for the composition of the various officers responsible of
charging, prosecuting and judging suspects. Courts are also known for trial and sentencing of
convicts. Correctional facilities not only make detentions but also rehabilitate those whom are
Siegel (2015) describes crime as “violation of a society’s rules of behavior usually as interpreted
and also as expressed by criminal law”. In many cases, crime is always occurring as deviant, but
this is not the case for all crime. It may or may not be deviant.
Crime is known to have existed for more than 3,000 years. Law was first put on records on The
Code of Hammurabi. This was based on a system of “eye for eye” mentality. As time passed and
the justice system evolved, Mosaic Code (mainly focused on Judeo-Christian moral lessons) was
In the modern society, a good and working criminal law clearly defines what is crime and the
prescribed punishment for the criminal wrongs. The criminal law also highlights matters that may
arise, categories of criminality and finally the defense. The modern society has adopted a
procedural law of crime that explains in detail what should be applied in matters regarding arrests,
judicial proceedings, appeals etc. Disputes between private parties is addressed by civil law
whereas disputes between the government and the public is addressed by administrative or public
A misdemeanor is considered as a crime with minor effect which has a prescribed punishment of
a jail term which is short or a fine while a felony is regarded as an offence of more implication and
is prescribed a punishment of time exceeding a year in jail.
Modern day criminologists face issues concerning ethics which include;” what to study”, “whom
to study” and finally “how to study”. “Whom to study” focuses on what criminologists will base
their studies on, “what to study” focuses on the title chosen for study and finally “how to study”
deals with the methodologies used in studying criminal activities.

Siegel, L J. (2015). Criminology: The core, (5th ed.). Stamford, CT:Cengage Learning.




In this study, the author selected two cities from two different states where The Big Deal Security
Company would open a successful office. The cities are; Dallas in the state of Texas and Myrtle
in South Carolina state. The two cities would make a great location to expand The Big Deal
Security Company because their population has met the threshold required by the company and
they are also having security agencies in charge of maintaining law and order.
From the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) website, Crime that was reported by Dallas Police
Department, Texas shows Aggravated assault victims were 3,704 and Burglary victims were
11,685 for the two cities in the year 2014 while Crime that was reported by Myrtle Beach Police
Department, South Carolina was 221 victims for Aggravated assault and 512 victims for Burglary
crime. On the other hand, data collected from National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) for
the year 2014 shows that violent crime victims were 2,948,540, serious violent crime victims were
1,235,290 and property crime victims were 10,352,520. From the UCR website, violent crime rate
in Dallas, Texas was more than that in Myrtle, South Carolina. Rate of burglary was higher in
Dallas than in Myrtle. Violent crimes from NCVS were higher than those recorded in UCR.
Effects Information in the UCR and NCVS have on a Community
Business and Population Growth
Business organizations use data from UCR to learn and establish problems facing the cities they
are physically located in order to determine if they will expand or relocate to a new location. Some
businesses use crime data to determine sale of their products for example an organization with
burglar alarms as products.
Research that is academic is made up of descriptive and multivariate crime analysis and also
problems and outcomes of victimization. Crime data may be use by scholars to explain the extent
of crime variance with respect to time in different geographical regions. Research studies have
relied on both UCR and NCVS for data used at various levels of analysis.
Law Enforcement
Agencies that enforce law in a state are one of the main providers of crime data. Some state police
are responsible for forwarding of crime data of a state directly to the UCR program of the FBI.

Demographics of the two cities
Dallas City has a population of 1.3 million as at 2016. The city has a low employment rate of 4.5%.
This is an improvement from the previous years.
The population of Myrtle Beach City as at 2016 census report is 449,495. The unemployment rate
in this city is 38% more than the national average.
Why I would or would not move or not move the company to the two cities
I would move the company to Dallas City because it experiences higher levels of violent crime
and property crime compared to Myrtle Beach City in Texas. The unemployment rate and
population in this city also is also higher than that of Myrtle Beach City hence would offer a good
business environment.
Importance of crime data to the public and its usefulness
Crime data is useful for the review of policies that are in existence and also towards developing of
new policies that will be able to counter crime. These data help politicians in determining which
policies need to be debated on and amended.
Crime data enable the relevant authority to be able to classify crime into different categories so
that much focus may be directed from there towards countering crime.
Lastly, data on crime is also important because it is used in surveys and other causal studies.
Getting of accurate statistics will enable this data to be unbiased but rather reflect on a true picture
of what is being studied.

Siegel, L J. (2015). Criminology: The core, (5th ed.). Stamford, CT:Cengage Learning.
Teacher, Law. (November 2013). Benefits Limitations Crime Statistics | LawTeacher. Retrieved



In this study, the author selected two cities from two different states where The Big Deal Security
Company would open a succe...

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