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Simple 50 mcq QUESTIONS.

Simple 50 mcq QUESTIONS.

Simple 50 mcq QUESTIONS.

Course Name: Physics 2 Student: Devin Vega Course ID: SCIH036058 ID: H56683935 Submittal: 59 Progress Test 3 This Progress Test covers the course materials that were assigned in Units 5 and 6. Although the progress test is similar in style to the unit evaluations, the progress test is a closed-book, proctored test. You may not have access to notes or any of the course materials while you are taking the test. It is important that you do your own work. Select the response that best completes the statement or answers the question. You may use your calculator or scratch paper to work out solutions. ____ 1. What is quantum physics? a. b. c. ____ 2. Models are assessed in terms of their “truthfulness.” a. b. ____ 3. uranium. iron. hydrogen. How much voltage is produced in the middle coil when the magnet is pushed in? a. b. c. ____ 5. True False The element with the least mass per nucleon is a. b. c. ____ 4. the study of motion at very small (atomic level) distances the study of motion at very high speeds the study of motion near very large masses twice as much as in the first coil half as much as in the first coil the same amount as in the first coil Gamma rays are the most penetrating type of radiation because they have the largest charge. a. b. True. False. ____ 6. What is the direction of the magnetic field inside a magnet? a. b. c. ____ 7. A generator takes ___________________ and turns it into ____________________. a. b. c. ____ 8. electrical energy, mechanical energy work, power mechanical energy, electrical energy What determines the radii of the electron orbits in the Bohr model of the atom? a. b. c. ____ 9. from the north pole to the south pole from the south pole to the north pole from the north pole outward in all directions the energy of the electrons the number of neutrons the number of protons According to de Broglie, why do electrons occupy discrete energy levels? a. b. c. The electron is a wave that must orbit as a standing wave. The electron is a wave that must have a whole number frequency. The electron is a particle that must have a specific energy. ____ 10. The energy of a photon is directly proportional to its a. b. c. wavelength. frequency. speed. ____ 11. An alpha particle consists of a. b. c. two protons, two neutrons, and two electrons. two protons and two neutrons. two protons and two electrons. ____ 12. Nuclear fission occurs when a. b. c. we cut nuclei in two with a very small cutting device. electrical forces inside a nucleus overpower nuclear forces. one nucleus bumps into another causing a chain reaction. ____ 13. The force on an electron moving in a magnetic field will be the largest when its direction a. b. c. is exactly opposite to the magnetic field direction. is perpendicular to the magnetic field direction. is the same as the magnetic field direction. ____ 14. A compass points north because a. b. c. the Earth is a huge magnet. the compass aligns with the geographic poles of Earth. all compasses are designed to measure true north. ____ 15. Isotopes of the same element have different a. b. c. number of neutrons. number of protons. chemical properties. ____ 16. A certain radioactive isotope placed near a Geiger counter registers 160 counts per second. 32 hours later, the counter registers 10 counts per second. What is the half-life of the isotope? a. b. c. 8 hours 24 hours 32 hours ____ 17. Compared to the diameter of a sodium atom (11 protons), the diameter of a magnesium atom (12 protons) is a. b. c. larger. smaller. the same size. ____ 18. A breeder reactor converts a non-fissionable uranium isotope into a fissionable plutonium isotope. a. b. True False ____ 19. Which radiation has no electric charge associated with it? a. b. c. gamma rays alpha rays beta rays ____ 20. What is the direction of the magnetic field outside a magnet? a. b. c. from the north pole to the south pole from the south pole to the north pole from the north pole outward in all directions ____ 21. If the primary coil of a transformer were connected to a DC power source, the transformer would operate a. b. c. the same as always. at very low efficiency. only while being connected or disconnected. ____ 22. In order to make an electromagnet, you need a a. b. c. battery, an iron nail, and a magnet. battery, some wire, and an iron nail. loop of wire, contacts, and a battery. ____ 23. In the Bohr model of the atom the electrons a. b. c. are not quantized but can occupy any position around the nucleus. are spread randomly around the nucleus. have orbits that correspond to different energy levels. ____ 24. Why is power transferred long distances at very high voltage? a. b. c. Using high voltage means we get more power to our homes. High voltages are required to get the currents we need for a typical home. High voltage wires allow us to reduce the current, which means less resistance and heat. ____ 25. A device that transforms electrical energy to mechanical energy is a a. b. c. generator. transformer. motor. ____ 26. The number of electrons determines the identity of an atom. a. b. True False ____ 27. In the photoelectric effect, the brighter the illuminating light on a photosensitive surface, the greater the a. b. c. velocity of ejected electrons. number of ejected electrons. both velocity and number of ejected electrons. ____ 28. De Broglie suggested that all particles have a wavelength that is inversely related to the momentum of the particles. a. b. True False ____ 29. If a primary coil with 10 turns feeds 50 volts to a secondary coil with 20 turns, what is the output voltage? a. b. c. 25 volts 100 volts 4 volts ____ 30. The photoelectric effect occurs when the incident light beam is a. b. c. short wavelength, either dim or bright. long wavelength, either dime or bright. any wavelength, either dim or bright. ____ 31. Electricity is a source of energy. a. b. True False ____ 32. Besides U-235, another material that undergoes fission readily is a. b. c. U-238. neptunium-239. plutonium-239. ____ 33. Nuclear fusion occurs typically in a. b. c. the upper atmosphere. uranium mines. the sun. ____ 34. The electron microscope makes use of the _____________ nature of electrons. a. b. wave particle ____ 35. A nuclear process that has relatively few radioactive byproducts is a. b. c. neither fission nor fusion. fusion. both fission and fusion. ____ 36. The phenomenon of inducing voltage by changing the magnetic field around a conductor is called a. b. c. electromagnetic induction. Faraday’s induction. transformer induction. ____ 37. Loops of wire in a motor rotate because a a. b. c. current exerts a force on the loop, causing it to rotate. magnetic field exerts forces on moving electrons in the loop. magnet attracts stationary electrons in the wire. ____ 38. The half-life of a certain isotope is 1 day. At the end of 4 days, how much of the isotope remains? a. b. c. none of it 1/16 1/4 ____ 39. How does light behave? a. b. c. as a wave when traveling through space and as a particle when interacting with matter as a particle when traveling through space and as a wave when interacting with matter as both a wave and a particle at all times ____ 40. What is the source of all electromagnetic waves? a. b. c. electric wires spun in magnetic fields accelerating electric charges an electric field ____ 41. In physics lab, you hang a wire perpendicular to the magnetic field created by a horseshoe magnet. You observe that the wire moves downward when you allow current to flow through it. What happens when you reverse the direction of current? a. b. c. The wire moves toward the north pole of the magnet. The wire moves toward the south pole of the magnet. The wire moves upward. ____ 42. Magnetic fields are produced by a. b. c. charges at rest. moving particles moving charged particles. ____ 43. When uranium (92 protons) ejects an alpha particle, the nucleus left behind has a. b. c. 92 protons. 90 protons. 94 protons. ____ 44. Which of the following is true of the induction of electric and magnetic fields? a. b. c. Magnetic fields are created when an electric field is changing with time. Induction of electric fields by changing magnetic fields occurs only if a conducting material is present. Electric fields are created whenever there is a magnetic field. ____ 45. Artificially induced radioactive elements generally have relatively a. b. c. medium-length half-lives. long half-lives. short half-lives. ____ 46. Most of the radiation we are exposed to comes from a. b. c. nuclear power plants. weapons-testing fallout. cosmic rays and Earth minerals. ____ 47. Describe what happens when you break a bar magnet in half and then break each of the halves in half. a. b. c. Each piece is a complete magnet with a north and south pole. One piece is completely “north” and the other is completely “south.” The act of breaking will always demagnetize the magnet. ____ 48. Carbon-14 is produced in the atmosphere primarily by a. b. c. photosynthesis. cosmic ray bombardment. nitrogen bombardment. ____ 49. Which type of radioactive decay occurs when the atomic number decreases by two and the mass number by four? a. b. c. alpha decay beta decay gamma decay ____ 50. What is the best way to describe the strong force? a. b. c. an attractive magnetic force a repulsive electric force an attractive nuclear force Carefully review your answers on this progress test and make any corrections you feel are necessary. When you are satisfied that you have answered the questions to the best of your ability, transfer your answers to the online test submission page in the presence of your proctor. The University of Nebraska is an equal opportunity educator and employer. ©2018, The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. All rights reserved.

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