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For the paper:

  • Choose a large U.S. company;
  • Research the company and the market(s) in which it competes; and
  • Prepare a six-page paper for your client, not including the title page and reference page.

Using information from the business press, AIU’s Library, IBIS World (through AIU’s library) and the Internet, address the following in your paper.

  • Describe the firm, including such information as its

- products and services

- annual sales, and

- market share (This information is readily available in the library’s IBIS World database).

  • Describe the product market(s) in which it operates.

- For instance, does it operate within an oligopoly or monopolistically competitive market, a perfectly competitive market, or is it a monopoly? (Choose the closest fit).

- Explain.

  • Does it operate in only one region of the United States? Does it operate nationally or internationally? Explain.
  • Who are its competitors?

- Give a brief overview of the other businesses in the market

  • Identify and explain at least 2 economic concepts that this firm seems to use to its advantage.

- Examples might include product differentiation; attainment of economies of scale;

advertising; whether the firm is regional, national, or international; and so on.

  • You may include an explanation of how any significant recent events or changes in this market have affected this firm. Examples are mergers and acquisitions, technological change, legal issues, whether market demand is expanding, and so on.
  • Provide your evaluation of how this firm might better respond to the challenges it faces.
  • Please include an explanation of how any significant recent events or changes in this market have affected this firm. Examples are mergers and acquisitions, technological change, legal issues, whether market demand is expanding, and so on.
  • Provide your evaluation of how this firm might better respond to the challenges it faces.

For your paper:

  • Utilize a least 3 credible sources to support the arguments presented in the paper. Make sure you cite appropriately within your paper and list the reference(s) in APA format on your Reference page.
  • Your paper should be 6 pages in length, not counting the Title page and Reference page. In accordance with APA formatting requirement, it should be double-spaced and include a running head and page numbers.

The following offer information to help you with your research:

Final Answer


Running head: WAWA INC


Wawa Inc.
Institutional Affiliation


Wawa Inc.

Wawa Inc. is a multi-billion company that was established on 16th April 1964. It was
initially established as food market in Folsom, PA. In the long run, the company explicated a
tremendous performance in the market which yielded to the establishment of numerous shops
around US. Wawa Inc. is also a domestically operation based company which has established a
vast network for its market in the US. The company began to offers foods such as hamburgers and
fried chicken which provided for an expansion of its target market in the US and this has been
since the ever been embraced by the firm, proved by continuous introduction of new recipes
available for customers. Additionally, the company has also incorporated a vast number of
beverage drinks including coffee which it won the Best of Philly in 1980. As a profit-oriented firm,
the company also has integrated the sale of gasoline in its operations, which is a major contributing
factor to their vast profit realization given that the company has few competitors in the domestic
market. Recently, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary to acknowledge their performance
in the short and long run (Inc., n.d.).
Wawa Inc. is an American based chains of convenience stores and energy company that is located
in the East Coast of US. It is a multi-billion company that is headquartered in Wawa areas of
Chester Heights, PA and operates in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, Washington, New Jersey,
Maryland and Virginia. It is one of the best performing convenience stores in the US and in 2008
it was ranked the among the largest store in the greater Philadelphia after ACME Markets and
ShopRite. The company deals with fast food products such as chips, hamburgers, sandwiches, and



beverage drinks such as coffee. It also sells its own branded and iced tea, soda, juice, and milk in
its stores. Majorly, the company sells coffee, latte, cappuccino flavors and hoagies. It also
specializes in the sales of various of brands of hot breakfast with the most dominant one being
Sizzli sandwich and full deli meats. The company also sells alcohol in Florida and Virginia.
Moreover, the company has also greatly integrated the supply of gasoline in the US market for a
long time and this has vastly contributed to the top performance of the company in the long run.
Ideally, Wawa Inc. has for long expanded its market within the US which has yielded to a highprofit realization at the end of each fiscal year of the company. In the year 2017, the company had
realized a 10.6 billion dollar sales at the end of fiscal year financial reports. The company continues
to realize these profits; however, the company has realized a lower annual sale in recent years.
This has not however affected the performance of the firm in the market against its competitors.
Nevertheless, the company has adjusted its operational strategies which have enabled it to begin
to rise again in its performance in the long run. Notably, the company operates under a workforce
of 31000 employees across all its stores (Forbes, 2018). As Wawa edges upwards in terms of
market, executive and popularity in the US, the company’s public ownership has increased to 41%.
This has been necessitated by the culture embraced amongst the employees that are implicitly
motivated by the leadership of the company. Ideally, the company has a greatly contributed to the
growth of the economy given the vast population it has taken in for labor and the high levels of
sales annually.
Product markets
One of the most outstanding operational benefits for Wawa Inc. is that it deals with a widely
diversified product which it supplies within the US. As a convenience store, it supplies foodstuff
and drinks to its customers and also has integrated sale of gasoline in its operations. Despite the



company being able to establish its market in the US it still faces few competitions from other
convenience stores which exist in the market. These competitors tend to have similar performance
behaviors as Wawa Inc. and have explicitly differentiated their products from those of their
competitors. According to Riley, an oligopoly market has few firms which have dominated over
the market with a clear differentiation of the products in which they specialize in (Riley, n.d.).
Ideally, these firms tend to be selling their products to a big number of buyers who have no
influence on prices for the products. However, in an oligopoly market, there are higher levels of
barriers to market entry due to heavy capital investment. On the other hand, the firms have
abnormal profit realization both in the long and short run. These firms also tend to act as the price
makers, in the sense that they decided the price to offer for their products, and the buyers do not
have any pricing power in such markets. Moreover, the existing fir...

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