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I need help to finish my papers I had written 11 pages but I have to submit at least 20

So please follow the instruction in the attached picture to write more and :

1- Check my writing

2- Add general information to each part

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Executive Portfolio February 2018 Table of contents: Part One Contents Executive Summary Part two Strategic Planning Process Part three Human Resources Part four Financial Administration Part five Creation of Event Part six Professional Development Part seven Resume page Event: Mulhimah Location: University Date: ------, 2017 Part one: Executive Summary Mulhimah in Arabic means inspiration, it targets the Saudi females in Philadelphia, inspiring them to a achieve their goals in different aspect of life. The slogan of Mulhimah is (the strength of women mind). This Organization has been created by Halah Al-Fadel. Since 2016 she had made a group for Saudi females in Philadelphia which they were more than a hundred at that time. After she had been living and studying in Philadelphia for more than six years, Halah decided to leave a positive impact on those girls by making a motivative and inspiring conference. Her massage is to encourage each and every woman to tell her that ‘nothing is impossible in life and you can do it’ which means you can pass all the difficulty in life. Nevertheless, she created a group of volunteers divided into multiple committees and I was the responsible for coordination between these committees. However, to be part of this organization means a lot to me. First, part of my personality is to encourage other girls to follow their dreams or their passion because I am one of them, I have a dream and Mulhimah was the first step to my future career. Secondly, a good advertising for myself as good event planner especially in such an event where hundreds of girls from my country are present, and this is one of the benefits of social media, were billions of users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks that social media can affect me positively, so I should use it as a tool to promote my works in the events industry. There are plenty of people to reach using social media as a way to fill in the gaps and get exposure to a new audience before I go back home. Third, I would launch my logo and account as an event planner, the logo is my name Taraji, and the slogan is Events To Remember. Mulhimah was an opportunity I would never refuse or reject because it came after I enrolled to The Event Leadership program. Not only I chose this event because the extern hours of the program of event leadership but also to expand my knowledge in the event industry. As I learned throughout the courses that volunteering and working in different kind of events will take me to next level. Mulhimah founder chose and trust my work since the first meeting, from my other events and girls who told here about my works I had made three graduation party, one baby shower, and two genders reveal party. Accommodate requests to the best of my ability to ensure customer satisfaction. Doing so well show off my talents to my client, and the guests who are attending the event. Nevertheless, I am an ambition to do giant events in my life, and to had Mulhimah as a first official event at the beginning of my career journey was awesome. Moreover, I believe volunteering or working is the way of my long-term success in event planning will be based on the experience that I bring to my clients. Not only the experience that I would bring to my client but also the professional pictures and the feedback of the event. In addition, Mulhimah glittered my vision of the events industry and that is why I chose it. Finally, I chose Temple University school of tourism and hospitality Management Event Leadership Executive Program to follow my dream. This program came to me like a gift I have been always dreamed to get it. Since I was in high school, I discovered how much I love to organize for parties between my family and friends and I get so happy when I hear a positive feedback about the work I’ve done in that party or events. I took this program to follow my dream when I go back home. Part two; strategic planning The details related to guest and the room itself from the entrance where they were welcomed and got their badges till the end of the events were they got the survey. The budget was from the sponsor 1000$ from. The conference room was given to us from the university without any additional fees as supportive to the idea of the organization, thus helped us a lot since the organizer of the event was on a limited budget. Moreover, one of the reasons they give us the conference room for free that the number of the guests was around hundred. Starting at the entrance, each girl was welcomed and got her badge to identify her and help her to socialize with other girls, passing the gate, there were sofas for the speakers, press committee and VIP guest. The day before the event there was a group of four for responsible for sitting up the tables and the sofas and coffee tables and make sure the number of each table. The next group was arranging the flowers for each table, the rest of the girls were with me sitting up the catering tables and beverages corner. Each table has ten chairs and vase flowers plus a small traditional Saudi fruit dish (dates) and Arabic coffee. All these were the day before the event. However before the event day, the committees were met several times, one day was to cut the papers for the name badges and decorate some of the catering plates. The day before the event all the teams were in the ball room and one of the volunteer brought the table cloths from the rental store. me and one of the other volunteers went to the flowers store and we chose white flowers. Then we went to the event place which was in saint Joseph university all my group was their ready to start set up the room some were putting the table cloths and some with me arranging the flowers in very nice vases. By the end of the day almost everything was ready except the food. My mission as a leader of the group of the coordination by the end we must do; name badges. Which was handmade for more than 100 women. Tables setting. Which each table contain flowers, dates and Arabic coffee, welcoming packages The catering , The reception. Finally, survey to get from the guest and the speakers feedback about the event. All things considered to wrote every single detail down to ensure that in the end each little thing was perfectly done, whether there were obstacles or difficulties we face it during the work. Secondly, to give everyone their mission to work smoothly together. As I have learned from course of Building a Successful Freelance Career in the Event Industry that each event must have five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing, to make the event unforgettable and attempting to satisfy the needs of the guests for each guest and volunteer in this event. The Five Sense: Touch : table clothes, napkins, cups and papers all different fabric. Learned how to use different texture Use the right fabric paper Smell: Natural products such as plants and flowers in Saudi Arabia there is kind of wood smells so nice just need to put it in a charka It is the most powerful sense because it the memories of the produces. In fact, the smell may generally be the strongest sense in terms of generating emotional response. I must actively seek to design elements that will affect all the senses. Event leadership Pioneer Jack Morton (1910-2004) from book Taste: food presentation, best product, and keep in mind the age, culture, and lifestyle of the guests. As all the guests were from one country it was not hard to chose the catering. Sight: key design such as the logo. A logo is the graphic symbol of the organization sponsoring the event. Which was the first thing for the Founder of Mulihemah to create a logo for this event. Through carefully matching chair covers the seating may greatly enhance the overall theme and also reinforce corporate logo colors. Hearing: Design system and affect that are unique and powerful enough to capture their attention. For this event: poignant background music at a small social event. When creating an environment, I must return the basic needs of the guests, décor, acoustics and even such seemingly mundane concerns as restrooms all affect the comfort of the guests and so play vital roles in creating a successful environment Our vision for this event is to get great feedback To unite event professionals, and together work towards increased attention to and knowledge of sustainability in event management First thing was for this event the strategic planning process When I got this opportunity Attention to detail matters a lot in this job Remember events are about team work for the greatest chance of success. You really must “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Part three; human Resouces From the time I met with Halah and all the groups of volunteers in march 2017 until the meeting in may 2017, we were contacting each week to follow up with planning prosses. Halah was a great guiding had through this prosses, and so helpful of her extensive knowledge and the great teams that she created for this event. However, in the meeting we knew almost all the details about the event that there will be two vendors, twelve volunteers, around hundred guests, four speakers and ten VIP guests those who come with speakers and the sponsors. So, after the meeting I started to read more about conferences and how should I prepare myself and my team in this day. Such as the theme and catering. Few weeks later I reach out with my group to get a better idea of their missions. The majority of my planning was done vis emails and phone calls in order to get all the issues resolve and have a successful event. part four, Financial Administration The official sponsor was Saudi club in saint joseph university they offer Halah the golden sponsor and media sponsor. The golden sponsor PDC professional development center. This is a company that make courses for students and they chose this event because there was good number of students to reach in one place. PDC who paid the money to the event. since this event was in the weekend the University provide the conference room to the Saudi club on that day for free. The budget of the event was 1000$ plus the parental shield to the speakers and volunteers from the golden sponsor. so, we divided into three parts. In fact, the budget was not that much but the founder of the organization paid extra 500$ to have a great event. with low budget we tried our best to manage it. One part of the budget was for the catering other part was for the rental place for tablecloths, plates and four flowers vases the last part was for flowers and printing papers of the event schedule. As we had this place, we wouldn’t be worried about screen or speakers to rent them. The university also provide coffee, tea and water which also was great. Therefore, one of the volunteers was studying photography and she had a professional camera to document all the event. part five; creation of event The day of the event, the vendors and volunteers all arrived three or more hours before the event started so they could start to set up. By 12.00pm, the flowers smell nice all around the room. They set out beautiful centerpieces for each table only a few hours later by 4pm, the rest of the decorations were displayed in the conference room, waiting for the guests to arrive at 6 pm. By 6 pm, the reception area was completed. Each guest received a badge of their name, number at their place setting. Water bottle and silverware were polished to perfection. While all of this was being set up, the group of catering was working their magic and making sure everything was completed. The guests started arriving at 6 pm. At 6:30 pm first speaker will start to inspire women in the room by talking positively about life aboard the country. Each talker was only about tawny minutes long. Between the two speakers the audience had a little time to relax and pray. Thru 7:40pm, the audience back to their seats to continue with next speakers. The rest of the evening went very smoothly. Since this was the first event for mulhimah there was a lot of photo being taken. Hala start to thanks everyone was working for this event and pass out the shield from the sponsor. It is difficult to explain each step of an event planning prosses, but doing so makes you realize the hard work and commitment it takes to complete such a task. From the beginning of choosing Saint Joseph University Saudi club sport Hala’s idea for the event. As a team of work we follow structured planning method SOWT analysis which are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in our project. All the volunteers were saudies part six; From the book >>>> I must evaluate consistently event planners work with their clients on every aspect of the event, keeping focused on the vision they have in mind. part seven, before the event day I should know where are the exists of emergency and to make sure the number of the guests are exactly or less than the place space. The event where in the University so I made sure before the event that there was a parking lot for the guests especially the event was in weekend. so, the street parking usually is full during the weekend. Not only that also is closer to the conference room. as a group of coordination, we should put sign all the way from the parking to the conference room. This event was only for female we should mention to the security that all the guests should be women. At the gate in front of the conference room there was three volunteers sign in each guest and handle them the badged. Part Eight; I am a highly driven with high ambitions recently graduated from University of King Abdulaziz with a bachelor’s degree in public administration looking for a fulltime position in events planning company where I can lend my knowledge of planning of events which is something I love to do besides being my profession. I’m planning to head back to my country Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were there are a lot of opportunities to work in the events planning especially nowadays after it has been open to the world and big name worldwide are heading to Saudi Arabia for making concerts and different type of events. I’ll not stop developing my skills and knowledge after finishing this course. On the other hand, I’ll continue my education beside work, because I believe that wonderful outcome will be accomplished at my work if I combined knowledge about events planning plus experience. One of the job offers I got was from Mulhimalh organization especially when they got a great feedback after their first events, and if I signed with him I need to raise the bar and make it better than the first events since I learned from my mistakes. My ultimate goal when I go back to my country, I would like to organize giant parties privately or publicly with at least 50 guests. I’ll start with smaller parties till I get the chance to arrange between my duties as a wife, mother of two kids and as an events planner. The benefit of event planning career is the flexibility of the time, and I can arrange my priorities, it’s going to be hard in the beginning and that’s why I’d like to start with smaller parties before I start work for a bigger parties. I have a long vision and I believe in myself that I can handle all these responsibilities. I have studied bachelor while I was working as an assistant teacher which is not an easy job but I skip this period of time successfully. I learned how I can schedule the event each month as I said before I will have one small event every month in the end of the year I would have done my work successfully. serving our community when i go back home guarantee you 100% satisfaction when the costumers allow us to take charge of every detail. I hope to be able to service the community with good quality of events, I will make sure that in that special day for the costumer and their guests can enjoy a grand event leaving with nothing to do except enjoy themself. we'll take care of the rest.

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