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The management team is comfortable that the service level agreements can be met with respect to things they can control, namely employee performance and knowledge base quality. They are, however, concerned that because the majority of the help desk support infrastructure is based on Web-based self-service, an outage on the Web site could lead to missed service levels.

Describe what can be done to ensure the security and availability of the Web-based infrastructure and what the company can do to keep the help desk running in the event of a Web site outage (business continuity). The discussion about security should focus on 3 levels:

  • Physical security
  • Network infrastructure/security
  • Application infrastructure/security

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IT225-1502B-01 IT Support Systems Phase 4 Individual Project Randle Kuhn 6/15/2015 IT SUPORT SYSTEM 2 Table of Contents Roles and Responsibilities (Week 1 IP) ......................................................................................................... 3 Tools and Technologies (Week 2 IP) ............................................................................................................. 5 IT Systems Support (Week 3 IP) .................................................................................................................... 7 Processes and Problem Resolution (Week 4 IP) ......................................................................................... 11 Performance Management (Week 5 IP) ..................................................................................................... 14 References: ................................................................................................................................................. 15 IT SUPORT SYSTEM 3 Roles and Responsibilities (Week 1 IP) A firm help desk is built on a foundation of strong relationship and communications. It is important to build the collaborative and relationship with the key stakeholders quickly to make the support department successful. A manager at a new help desk requires clear lines of communication with at least all the key stakeholder groups and department. The structure of a help desk depends on the level of service commitments, the expertise of the available staffs; the number supported users, and the number of supported systems and services (Demetriou & Demetris, 2012). Based on these factors, there are two main structures of the help desk. A three-tier support organization is typical of a larger help desk structure with responsibility for many systems. The structure is often distributed as well as supporting many end-users. In the three-tier model, there is a primary help desk often referred to as super help desk at the tier one, which focuses on rapid response to many calls. It is usually an automated help desk tool used by the main help desk. There are may be expert system support to walk the help desk personnel through questions that they may ask to document the call. The emphasis is on gathering information and closure of the ending call so that the upcoming call can be fielded. The three-tier structure of help desk does minimal fault management activity (Reynolds, Keith, Paul & Bourgeron, 2014). The other structure of a help desk in an organization is two-tier. In this structure, it merges the functions of the secondary help desks to those of the primary help desk. At some extent, the functions are merged with the expert support in the model, which results in a flatter organization structure. This structure of help desk support is commonly used in smaller systems as it supports fewer end users as well as having fewer support staff. IT SUPORT SYSTEM 4 Centralized versus decentralized The centralized environment in a business set up occurs where the activities in a business are concentrated on a single point of operation. On the other hand, the decentralized environment is a situation where the activities and operations of a business are distributed among different departments. The centralized system allows easy management of the business at a single point. However, in case of an inferior manager, there is the transmission of the inferiority to all other departments. The decentralized system promotes specialization in a business set up (Reynolds, Keith, Paul & Bourgeron, 2014). However, it has fragmented departments that are sometimes difficult to manage. Staffing structures The staffing in a business may take various structures. A pool staffing is a situation where all the staffs are concentrated in the same area with no designated form. The dispatch staffing is grouping staff members to undertake a certain duty. In a tiered staffing structure, there is a hierarchy formation of staffs from the head to the common staffs. The specialized staffing is grouping staffs and assigning then a specific duty to undertake (Demetriou & Demetris, 2012).The most convenient help desk structure is the three-tier structure as it allows more end users and proper sectioning of duties. IT SUPORT SYSTEM 5 Tools and Technologies (Week 2 IP) Help desk is an important unit in an organization. It helps the organization to centralize its administration and customer care at one point. The customer care has been a challenge to most of the organization. The use of the manual method of addressing the issues raised by the customers has been a challenging issue in business organizations. Most of time, the manual method is slow, tedious and time consuming. As such, a business organization needs to adopt a method that addresses the issues raised within short time limits as well as serving many customers. The objective is to set up a technological help desk by employing the information technology as the tool (Czegel & Barbara, 2008). The business organizations have continued to face the problem, as they have not implemented the information technology. The manual method is ineffective due to challenges such as language barriers, time limits for the functioning of the business organization, and the presence of many customers with similar issues. Referencing a solution to similar customer issues often takes more time in the case where a business deals with many customers. Business organizations have employed big numbers of personnel in the organizations to solve the customer issues. As such, there is the use of much of business’ capital to pay the salaries since the manual help desk requires many employees. The use of much of business capital has disabled development and growth activities in organizations, and they remain stagnating. Before any problem can be solved, it is usually a good idea to come up with the various solutions that can be used to solve the problem. Generating many options will help the responsible person to have many options so that he or she can decide on the best option. IT SUPORT SYSTEM 6 Therefore, one needs to be creative and have knowledge of the causes of the problem (Lajoie & Susanne, 2000). In a help desk, the main problem could be a breakdown in communication. To solve this problem, we need to do the following, ensuring a steady supply of power and availability of internet. There is a various option that can be considered. One is to purchase a generator, hire a generator, or install solar panels. In ensuring that there is a steady supply of the internet, the company can embark on the following options. One is to ensure that payment is done on time, ensuring that the internet cables are intact by regular inspection or providing an alternative supply of the internet. The next step is to evaluate these options and decide on what to do first. In prioritizing the various options, it is worthy to consider the cost, the time required to implement, and the reliability of the option chosen. In ensuring that there is a steady supply of electricity the best option is first, to hire a generator before they can get the capital and purchase theirs or purchase the solar panel. On the case of the in the internet, paying in time is the first thing to ensure before they can find an alternative provider of the internet. The last step in solving the problem is determining the course of actions. This entails deciding on what is to be done first and what is to be done last. It depends on the importance of the actions and the risk that may come about if it is not done soon enough (Ricci &Monica, 2006). The implementation of information technology will enhance services in a business organization. It allows the provision of customer care at a central position where all activities are accessible through the technological help desk. In the newly formed help desk, a single employee will serve more customers within a short time and effectively. IT SUPORT SYSTEM 7 IT Systems Support (Week 3 IP) A self-service-based support environment is the best option at this moment for this company because managers don’t have to deal with customers on a daily basis. Instead this web based opportunity will save lots of money for the company because they don’t have to hire extra employees to deal with many other customers anymore. In a Web-based support system there are many tools as in responding to a customer complaint my email instead of having to call back that actual customer. Or if a customer wants to do some shopping online instead of having to come to the actual store just to buy a certain product. The WWW (World Wide Web) provides a simple and easier access for users to retrieve data on the Internet. However, as access to the data on the Web is “asynchronous,” the Web that is based on a strict TCP/IP client-server model does not always provide real-time data sharing support for everyone. For example, one of them is multimedia data delivery where worldwide distributed participants can join a group and receive multicast audio/video stream on the Web. Email is the most common application used in IT. So my questions would be for everyone in the company is why not place a core help desk ticketing feature directly in your email? Web Help Desk email integration and solutions allows your IT team and staff to input coding notes directly to emails, either through a direct reply or "Add a Note" links type of thing. The IT staff may even add “hidden” ticket notes directly from an email. Many employees and customers will have access very easily to this Web base support system because it will be implemented for everyone to be able to get customer service and IT help support when it is needed online. Most issues can be resolved by using this Web system effectively and will also include simple access to social media like Facebook and Twitter. There will be a web-application included in this web based system which provides real-time access to IT SUPORT SYSTEM 8 your service desk through the convenience of any enabled mobile device such as a smart phone and a tablet. Though Microsoft, Windows Mobile, RIM Blackberry, and Apple iPhone devices. The most interesting thing about this web based solution is that it is also compatible with any web browser from any mobile device that the person is using. Every modern browser or Webkit supported mobile device will be supported by this Web Help Desk based solution. People can access all Web Help Desk features with only an internet connection and browser which includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Goggle Chrome, and Safari. It will be expensive to order and keep this system well maintained and updated but in the long run it will be worth it because the company will save millions of dollars eventually. Instead of having to hire and pay for a receptionist this self-service web based solution eases both phone and email communications. The convenience of this service overall by the end of the day will a service that offers a sense of easier communication through emails and stability to both Information technology and support staff. To try to eliminate having a phone system so whoever calls the employees and IT staff do not have to be answering the phone constantly when they are busy with their work and duties. So this self-service on the web is made for a special purpose and for a service that IT staff can definitely depend, free from all issues with full independence. Knowledge bases are usually about retrieval and gathering information. The IT staff for example can search the knowledge base and reference resolution articles with a hotlink in the system update. It will provide useful links to “robust,” content in rich articles that saves your IT staff some valuable time. End users and computer programmers usually receive this info by email or by using the Web Help Desk service portal. Most IT-related knowledge base articles refer to a particular piece of hardware or software programming. This Web Help Desk based solution includes an advanced set of “granular” search criteria that helps employees and IT staff to seek IT SUPORT SYSTEM 9 their own particular assets within the company. This same option is available to Web Designers seeking to execute articles into tickets as reference. The most interesting thing about this web based solution system is how is it going to function on a daily basis? Will it satisfy the customers and the IT staff? Another example would be for everyone who has access to the system and has any questions about the company or a specific product a questionnaire with detailed answers will be available. So no one really has to get in contact on the phone or person with customer service and managers for any questions a customer may have and will most likely be resolved online. It will have a Self Service Guidance — Related FAQs and Tool Tips and a link for to a help request page when a customer can even communicate online with an agent or even someone in the IT staff if necessary if they have a technical issue. This Web Help Desk based solution also provides Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) capabilities. Customers and even employees can initiate remote control sessions directly from a Web Help Desk service ticket with ease and efficiency. A Web Help Desk based solution allows the IT staff to discover all hardware and software assets by scheduling automated asset discoveries online. It helps IT staff keep their IT inventory up to date and track hardware and software assignments automatically without having to sit all day for hours having to scan and check each product one by one. They can also discover hardware and software inventory and asset information including a hostname, serial number, logged-in user, operating system, hard drive, memory, installed software, and much more. Even the make and model would be accessible up to this point. So to conclude this report on having a web based solution it will work overall and it is the right thing to have today. I fell for any company this web based solution will solve many communication issues that many customers and IT staff are having right now. By having this IT SUPORT SYSTEM special web system, email will be more useful to deal with many solutions when it comes to communication and dealing with customers all over the world. 10 IT SUPORT SYSTEM 11 Processes and Problem Resolution (Week 4 IP) Service Level and Service Level Agreement Service level Service level is the measurement of the performance outcome of a system. It provided the percentage to which particular goals can be achieved in an organization. The service level measures the services that can be provided by a network service provider within a stipulated time period. Service Level Agreement A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a document that describes the level of services expected by a client or a customer from a specified supplier. The SLA stipulates the metrics that are required for measuring the service provided to the customer (Desai, 2010). Again, the SLA depicts in simple terms the penalties that may be experienced if service provided to the customer does not comply with the agreed-upon levels. A SLA is normally between two companies but two departments within the same organization may incorporate a SLA. Measurement metrics It is essential to monitor, measure and report the service levels provided to the customers in order to ascertain the feasibility of the SLA. There are different metrics that can be used to measure the service levels. The Service Desk in the network serve provider ought to follow some form of metrics to ensure they meet the customer requirements beyond their expectations. The metrics used in creating an effective measuring and reporting system include: Critical Success Factors (CSFs) (García, Pedrinaci, Resinas, Cardoso, Fernández & Ruiz-Cortés, 2015). The Critical Success Factors requires to be true for the service providers to achieve success in meeting customer goals. It is important for the Service Desk Agents to utilize a IT SUPORT SYSTEM 12 defined process which comprehensively dictates the urgency and the influence of a customer’s issue or requirement. For instance, it could be of great importance to have a process in place for use in assigning incoming customer requests to the correct channel in order to solve the request in minimal time. The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics will be used for measuring the actual performance in order to indicate the state of Critical Success Factors. The Service Desk has to define KPIs as they relate to the organizational goals and objectives. An effective SLA indicates different vectors that the KPIs measure. One of the vectors is quantity which focus on the level of output that the organization provide (Wu & Buyya, 2012). The quality vector is based in the accuracy of the service provided to the customers as per the SLA. Timeliness vector measures the rate at which the service providers respond to customer requests in a timely manner. The KPIs compliance measures provide information concerning controls and governance. When formulating the SLA, it is necessary to ensure that the KPI metrics that the Service Desk is healthy in order to comply with the set performance measures. Activity metrics are quantity based measures that provide understanding on the outcome of the Service Desk. It is essential to ensure that a particular activity metric is used to measure and report on each of the vectors measured by the KPI in order to support the CSFs (Wieder, 2011). For the management to succeed, the metrics need to grow over time while ensuring that only what is important is measured and reported. The Critical Success Factors metrics make the customer happy because they contain a system that requires the Serve Desk Agents to comprehensively review the urgency of the clients’ requests. They ensure that the requests are directed to responsible individuals for a faster feedback to the customer. IT SUPORT SYSTEM 13 The activity metrics is associated with ensuring that the help desk is healthy in terms of production or service provision to the customers. They make them happy because they provide understanding of the customer needs. Again, they measure and report what is important on the performance indicators and therefore eliminate chances of penalties on unimportant matters. The Key Performance Indicators metrics has the chances of customer satisfaction because they measure the four vectors that are related to customer satisfaction and success. The goal of every organization is to ensure the success and satisfaction of the customers. The latter helps the help desk to provide quality service to the clients according to the SLA to achieve the goals of the organization. IT SUPORT SYSTEM 14 Performance Management (Week 5 IP) TBD IT SUPORT SYSTEM 15 References: Demetriou, Demetris. (2012). The development of an integrated planning and decision support system (IPDSS) for land consolidation. Reynolds, Keith M., Paul F. Hessburg, and Patrick S. Bourgeron. (2014). Making transparent environmental management decisions: applications of the ecosystem management decision support system. Czegel, Barbara. (2008). Running an effective help desk. New York: Wiley Computer Pub. Lajoie, Susanne P. (2000). Computers as cognitive tools, volume two: no more walls : theory change, paradigm shifts, and their influence on the use of computers for instructional purposes. Mahwah, N.J.: L. Erlbaum. Ricci, Monica. (2006). Organize your office --in no time. Indianapolis, Ind: Que Pub. Web Help Desk. “Solar winds and solutions” Oct. 25, 2014 NPN. Retrieved from: Desai, J. (2010). Service Level Agreements: A ...
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