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this is a four to five page essay, please have knowledge in British literature.

I have attached the assignment with instructions. Please follow all requirements

. I will also attach my template that you can follow for reference. The template basically has all of the information, it just needs to be into an essay.

If you have questions please let me know.

thank you in advance.

REFLECTIVE ESSAY BRITISH LITERATURE A Link to Live Lesson explanation: Macbeth and the reflective essay Reflective essay quick tips Basic Requirements: Four to Five Pages Double Spaced 12 Point - Arial MLA Format – Click here Includes CheckMyWork Link – Checkmywork is available under the Links tab on your home page Purpose: Explore how the main concepts and ideas from British literature are reflected in your life. Writing Requirements: You must include discussion from each of the following Time Periods • Anglo-Saxon • Medieval • Macbeth • Renaissance • Restoration / Enlightenment You must use and highlight the following Grammatical Concepts (Hint – a CLAUSE has a subject and a verb, a phrase does NOT): • Three Independent Clauses Highlight in Yellow • Three Subordinate Clauses Highlight in Red • Three Adverbial Clauses Highlight in Green • Three Adjectival Clauses Use Purple Font Color • Three Noun Clauses Use Green Font Color • Three Active Voice Sentences Use Orange Font Color • Three Passive Voice Sentences Use Red Font Color • Correctly uses eight vocabulary words from the semester in context. Highlight in blue. Questions to Consider: 1. What are the most important ideas I gained from the course? Why are they important to me? REFLECTIVE ESSAY BRITISH LITERATURE A 2. 3. 4. 5. How do the various stories reflect these ideas? How do the various time periods / movements support these ideas? How will these ideas affect my goals after high school? How will these ideas affect the way I make decisions in life? Development Requirements: You may CHOOSE to turn in the Reflective Paper Pre-Writing after each Unit Test to earn Extra Credit. If you choose to turn in the Pre-Writing after each Unit Test, you will receive guidance throughout the semester and your paper will be all but written by the time you must turn this in. The pre-writing must be submitted in webmail within two days of test completion to earn the extra points. *Please note -- Extra Credit cannot be earned by turning in the Pre-Write after the Unit Five Test. * Even if you do not choose to earn extra credit, you MUST turn in the Reflective Paper Pre-Writing to the dropbox in Unit 5, lesson 6, replacing the poetry assignment. The Writing Process which includes brainstorming, developing ideas, organizing writing, and editing and revising rough drafts is a key component of the writing standards for this course which can only be assessed through viewing the prewriting. Please DO NOT wait to work on this paper. You should visit this assignment from the very beginning of the semester. After each Unit, take time to develop your paper. IF you wait, the assignment will be overwhelming and very difficult. As this is a Personal Reflective Essay, you may use first person. But, all other elements of scholarly writing should be observed. Pre-Writing Template MUST be turned in as part of the Portfolio. This document will be submitted in the Unit Five, Lesson Five Dropbox. Literature Reflections Era / Unit Anglo-Saxon 1. List at least five General Characteristics from this Era 2. Summarize one story or poem from this Era that had meaning to you – This a paragraph or more. 3. How are the General Characteristics from column 1 reflected in the literature in column 2? This is a full discussion. 4. MOST IMPORTANTLY How are the values and major characteristics of the era reflected in modern life and your own personal life? REFLECTIVE ESSAY BRITISH LITERATURE A Middle Ages Macbeth Renaissance Restoration / Enlightenment Vocabulary Reflections Era / Unit Anglo-Saxon Middle Ages Macbeth List at least Five Vocabulary Words / Definitions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. REFLECTIVE ESSAY BRITISH LITERATURE A 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Renaissance Restoration / Englightenment Grammar Reflections Grammatical Concept Independent Clauses Subordinate Clauses Adverbial Clauses Adjectival Clauses Noun Clauses Active Voice Sentences Passive Voice Sentences Definition Provide at least two unique sentences that SHOW this concept and relate to the literature being studied. 1. 2. 1. 2. 1. 2. 1. 2. 1. 2. 1. 2. 1. 2. Sample Entry: Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer explores various stock characters found in the Medieval Time Period. Chaucer follows a wide band of pilgrims as they make their way on a Pilgrimage to Canterbury. By the very nature of the journey, anyone is welcome thus the varied characters do not seem oddly brought together. (This demonstrates knowledge of the text, author and basic REFLECTIVE ESSAY BRITISH LITERATURE A plot line.) One important idea I glean from this story is that people are not all the same and many people are not “ideal” characters but this does not mean they are without merit or value. For example, the Yeoman is certainly a flawed character. He is vain and does not really seem to know his place in the Code of Chivalry. He wears clothes that are inappropriate for his rank of servant, but he is not without value. In spite of being overdressed for a servant, he is reliable and effective. (This shows a developed understanding of the character and time period.) The Yeoman and other characters are important because they remind me that all people are valuable and most people are not perfect. In the media today, it seems like everyone is perfect. They have the perfect photos doing the perfect thing with their perfect hair. But that is not real. In reality they are not perfect and who knows how many pictures they had to take to make it look that perfect? Life is not that way unless one is standing still. If someone is moving, the picture is never perfect. I would rather be moving along than waiting for the perfect moment to take a picture. Chaucer took that “moving picture” with his story of The Canterbury Tales. (This is an idea of how the literature relates to modern life.) The Middle Ages were not really like times today. Technology keeps our world moving very fast and innovations happen every day. However, in the Middle Ages, the world moved very slowly and most people lived and died in the same villages where they were born. Also, the Catholic Church was very powerful and helped shape policies all over the world. Today, at least in our REFLECTIVE ESSAY BRITISH LITERATURE A country, politics and religion are separate so that no one is forced to profess a single ideology. People in the Middle Ages did not generally know how to read or write and were very superstitious. Today, the vast majority of the world’s population can read and write. It is rare to find anyone that does not have this basic education. (This comparison of the modern world and the Middle Ages. demonstrates developed knowledge of the subject and offers multiple connections to life.) I am glad I did not live in the Middle Ages though I love to travel. Recently I went to Arizona and saw the Grand Canyon. If I had been born in the Middle Ages, I would never have been able to travel almost two thousand miles to see this natural wonder. (Closing this section with a solid opinion and a concrete event to offer support for my opinion. – I would not like to live in the Middle Ages because I could not travel.)
Reflective Portfolio – Pre-Writing Template Literature Reflections Era / Unit 1.List at least five General Characteristics and values from this Era Anglo-Saxon Loyalty. Courage. Courtesy. Generous. Truth. Bravery. Middle Ages Fear God. Protect the weak. Respect the honor of women. Live by honor. 2. Summarize one story or poem from this Era that had meaning to you – This a paragraph or more. The king told An example of heroic poetry is Beowulf. This is heroic poetry that details on a warrior who saves his people from evil monsters. Through his courageous deeds, Beowulf kills three monsters to avenge the death of his men. There is a strong kinship amid Beowulf, his soldiers and king Hrothgar who praise him for his braver. Beowulf to choose a gift for whoever he wanted. The song of Roland details on the perfect Knight. Roland is courageous, strong and honorable 3. How are the General Characteristics from column 1 reflected in the literature in column 2? This is a full discussion. 4. MOST IMPORTANTLY How are the values and major characteristics of the era reflected in modern life and your own personal life? The poem illustrates how the culture valued bravery and courage. Through his heroic deeds, Beowulf managed to kill the three monsters on his own, a deed that was highly respected. Additionally, the warrior demonstrated loyalty by avenging the death of his men. Thus, the warrior demonstrates courage, bravery and loyalty. The values and characteristics of this era are reflected in modern life as soldiers ought to be brave and courageous during the war. The values are reflected in my personal life as I should be loyal to my friends and demonstrate courage during tough situations. The values are demonstrated given the fact that Roland was honorable, lived by honor and was obedient to his king. Unlike Ganelon who In the modern day life, there is need for respecting women, living by honor and maintaining faith by fearing God the creator. The need for respect for women is Reflective Portfolio – Pre-Writing Template Obedience. Macbeth God fearing. Greed. Believe in witches. Corruption. Women had little value. Royalty afforded more latitude. Renaissance Secularism. Individualism. Humanism. Skepticism. Generalism. whereby he is loved by his king. Besides, he is worshipped by many. However, he has one enemy, Ganelon, who betrays his people and the king to revenge on Roland. The story Macbeth details on a Scottish general who was tipped to become the King of Scotland by a trio of witches. Macbeth was consumed by his ambition and prompted to action by his wife. Macbeth murdered king Duncan and took the throne. However, he was wracked with paranoia and guilt. The poem “A Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd” refutes the ideal of love as discussed by pastoral shepherd. The poem points out on life’s hardships such as rage and betrayed the king and his people, Roland sought to protect his people and demonstrated respect for his King and the community. enhanced to promote equality while most leaders live by honor by serving their people. Moreover, obedience is upheld as a cherished virtue. The characteristics are demonstrated as Macbeth believed in witchcraft and demonstrated greed by murdering king Duncan. Besides, the fact that royalty afforded more latitude is demonstrated as Macbeth was more interested in killing the king so that he could assume the throne. In the modern society, most values are demonstrated including God fearing as people maintain their faith. Moreover, greed is demonstrated as people have the desire to assume power by committing atrocious acts. Additionally, royalty is afforded more latitude as the poor have little rights in the modern day society. The poem demonstrates both Skepticism and Individualism. Unlike the past poems on love, Raleigh is skeptical on the existence of love given the hardships associated with life. Additionally, the poem demonstrates individualism as the poet strives to In modern day life, people are skeptics as they share negative views on things they have not tried yet. Moreover, individualism has taken center stage as everyone propagate their ideas. Additionally, there is enhanced focus on human potential. Reflective Portfolio – Pre-Writing Template Restoration / Enlightenment Devotion to religion. Advent of modern politics. New rhetoric of rights and liberty. Expanding literacy among the poor. Global trade. fading of love contrary to past beliefs. Through this, the poem portrays a different view of life. distinguish himself from others. The Way of the World, by William Congreve is a story that details on Mirabell and Millamant. The two strive to secure Millamant’s inheritance from his mean Aunt. To achieve this, they planned to deceive his aunt with the help of some friends. The story demonstrates the new rhetoric of rights and liberty as Millamant attempts to acquire what is rightfully hers. Additionally, there is expanding literacy as Millamant can now understand what her inheritance. In the modern day life, the rhetoric of rights and liberty has gained traction as more people are now aware of their rights. Additionally, there is expanding literacy among the low income families globally as they seek to secure parity. Reflective Portfolio – Pre-Writing Template Vocabulary Reflections Era / Unit Anglo-Saxon Middle Ages Macbeth Renaissance Restoration / Enlightenment List at least Five Vocabulary Words / Definitions 1. Alliterate. 2. Kenning. 3. Artifact. 4. Animism. 5. Troubadour. 1. Knight. 2. Vassals. 3. Chivalry. 4. Abbey. 5. Velleins. 1. Doth. 2. Grammercy. 3. Wherefore. 4. Kerns. 5. Thane. 1. Humanism. 2. Secular. 3. Patron. 4. Utopia. 5. Erasmus. 1. Ambidexterity. 2. Addle-plot. 3. Balsam. 4. Antiquated Roque. 5. Balsam. Reflective Portfolio – Pre-Writing Template Grammar Reflections Grammatical Concept Definition Independent Clauses A clause that can stand by itself in a sentence. Subordinate Clauses This is a clause introduced by a conjunction that is part and dependent on the main clause. Adverbial Clauses A dependent clause that functions as an adverb. Adjectival Clauses This is a dependent clause that modifies the pronoun or noun. Noun Clauses This is a dependent clause that functions as a noun. Active Voice Sentences This is a sentence where the subject undertakes the action stated by the verb. Passive Voice Sentences This is a sentence where the subject is not active as is being acted upon by the verb. Provide at least two unique sentences that SHOW this concept and relate to the literature being studied. 1. She can hardly wait to read Macbeth. 2. The alps in Scotland are breathtaking. 1. After Macbeth killed the king, he was wracked with guilt. 2. Even though Macbeth killed King Duncan, he was still not satisfied. 1. Once Macbeth heard what the witches had to say, he was consumed by his ambition. 2. As soon as I Saw Ganelon, I knew something was wrong. 1. When Macbeth listened to the witches, he fantasized on being a king. 2. Why did Ganelon betray his king? 1. Whoever thought of the idea to kill the king was a genius. 2. The king told Beowulf to choose a gift for whoever he wanted. 1. Macbeth killed the king after dinner. 2. Beowulf read the novel to the soldiers before war. 1. The three monsters must have been killed by Beowulf. 2. The king was killed by Macbeth.

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Chronological British Literature Review
Beowulf is an epic poem that was authored long time ago during the Anglo-Saxon period
time. This is a work of literature that narrates about Geatish warrior, Beowulf, who obviates his
King and people from evil monsters. Beowulf and his fine warriors courageously slay three
monsters to avenge the death and torment of his men and his people (Kay and Robert 278). He
even ascends to being King of Geatland and rules for more than five decades but eventually
succumbs to wounds he suffered when fighting with a fiery dragon causing loss in his kingdom.
One major takeaway I pick from the heroic poem is that with bravery no challenge can be
undefeated. For instance, Beowulf and his men cross over to king Hrothgar`s kingdom to bravely
fight off two evil monsters, Grendel and his mother vengeful mother.He slays the two monsters
and his given treasure by King Hrothgar as an appreciation which he takes to his king in
Geatland. Amidst high reputation and strength his King Hygelac dies and he ascends to kingship
to replace him. During his regime a fiery dragon attacks the Geats and him and his men sets off
to fight it and managed to slay it to death though he also died later from the injuries he suffered
in the battlefield.
The poem also details on how it is important to show loyalty to your leaders, friends and
relatives. Beowulf and his men showed loyalty when they crossed to Hrothgar`s kingdom,

Surname; 2

kingdom that once sheltered Beowulf during a past feud, to help them fight the two fierce
monsters that were threatening lives there. When he slayed Grendel and his vengeful mother and
peace was restored he was awarded treasure and gifts to take back to his kingdom. On other
occasion, a dragon that tormented the people was fought and killed by Beowulf.
Lastly, the warrior demonstrated generosity when he was ever ready to put his life on line to
fight off dangerous monsters that were terrorizing his people. He also showed generosity by
offering the gifts and treasure he was given by king Hrothgar to his king Hygelac. These heroic
deeds say a lot about how Beowulf was loyal, brav...

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