need help with aleks!

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Although the math class I'm taking is not extremely difficult, I am behind as I was sick. I will give my ALEKS info, and you (the tutor) can please solve 33 lessons. (DON'T PANIC! THAT IS ONLY (roughly) SIXTY QUESTIONS!) I don't have very much money, so I can max out at $30-35. PLEASE HELP ME OR I WILL FAIL! I AM BEGGING LOL

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6 Week 17 Work Х A ALEKS - Emily Bradham - Home х Galeks math help - Google Search X S Ask a new question - Studypool X + - o х 个 • = ALEKS Geometry - 2018/19 Hi, Emily! Mastered: 330 Learned: 21 Remaining: 170 Español UP NEXT: Timeline ALEKS Pie Finding an angle measure given extended triangles Arithmetic and Algebra Review (150 Topics) CONTINUE MY PATH Segments and Angles (37 Topics) Reasoning (13 Topics) WORKING TOWARD Lines (31 Topics) Class Progress 351 521 Topics Due: Feb 9 351 Triangles (47 Topics) Polygons and Quadrilaterals (20 Topics) Similarity (25 Topics) Right Triangles and Trigonometry (24 Topics) Transformations (37 Topics) Calendar ALEKS Pie Detail © 2019 McGraw-Hill Education. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use | Privacy C o Type here to search O i e . 7:32 PM 1/3/2019
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I have just finished the 33 requested topics. A...

Great content here. Definitely a returning customer.


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