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  • Download either the Obesity Maps or Tobacco Maps.
  • Compose a critical analysis essay using the following guidelines:
  • I have attached all needed documents to help with assignment

o Provide a description of the health issue, either obesity or tobacco use, depending on which set of maps you chose.

o Discusses the trends you see in the maps based on the information you have received from the TED Talk and in Seminar. Be sure to touch on:

▪ What each map shows.

▪ How the information can be combined to determine trends.

▪ What the trend appears to be for your state.

▪ What the trend appears to be for the United States as a whole.

o Locate current data on your chosen health issue than what is in the map. Has the trend from the maps continued in the same course over the last few decades, or has there been a change in the trend? Explain.


  • The critical analysis essay should be at least 1200 words in length.
  • The critical analysis essay should be properly formatted using APA 6th Edition guidelines, which includes double-spaced 12 point Times New Roman font, 1” margins, a title page and applicable headers.
  • Include a list of references using APA 6th Edition guidelines for in-text and reference citation style.
  • The critical analysis essay should have a sustained viewpoint and use Standard American English.

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Unit 9 Final Paper Points possible Assignment Requirements: Provides an overview of the topic (either obesity or tobacco use). Discusses what each map shows. Describes how the information can be combined to determine data trends. Describes the apparent trend for at least one state. Discusses the apparent trend for the United States as a whole. Discusses the current data on the chosen health issue. Explains if the trend has continued in the same manner, or if there has been a change. Total (Sum of all points) 0-15 0-15 0-15 0-15 0-15 0-15 0-10 100 Points indicated below represent the maximum point deduction possible for each of the listed writing criteria *Writing Deductions (Maximum 30% from points earned): Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling: 30% Order of Ideas/Length requirement (if 0 30% 0 Format 10% 0 *Source citations 30% 0 applicable): Late Submission Deduction: (refer to Syllabus for late policy) *If sources are not cited and work is plagiarized, grade is an automatic zero and further action may take place in accordance with the Academic Integrity Policy as described in the university catalog. Adjusted total points Final Percentage Feedback: Points earned by student 0 0 0% Reference for all maps: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (31 August 2017). Adult Obesity Prevalence Maps. Retrieved from
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An overview

Obesity is classified as an epidemic with experts estimating that in the United States
alone close to 100 million people are affected directly. The US CDC reports that the prevalence
rates for obesity are at 39.8%. It costs the United States $147 billion annually in 2008
dollars(Greenberg, 2013). The figures are rising despite efforts and increased awareness on
obesity as a risk factor to lifestyle diseases. Obesity has been linked to certain conditions such as
heart ailments, diabetes amongst other complications.Experts have linked the availability of
high-calorie foods to the exacerbation of the disease prevalence in the US. The data from the
CDC shows that some groups of individuals living in the US are more prevalent than others, for
example, Hispanics at 32.5% and non-Hispanic blacks at 38.3%. Non-Hispanic whites are at
28.1%. Women are more prevalent than men according to a survey by the CDC. In this article, I
will analyze the adult obesity prevalence in the United States based on the maps depicting the
prevalence amongst various groups in the US as a whole and in individual states as well as
discuss the trend.
What Each Map Shows
The first map shows the disease prevalence among US adults in all States. The data
shows that no single state in the US had a prevalence rate of less than 20%. DC, Massachusetts,
Hawaii, and Colorado recorded prevalence levels of between 20-25% while the mid-Western and

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