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Jun 25th, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your question!

Leveraging Organization behavior and managment to maximize business success start with Leadership and management.  Leadership and management must be differentiated. Management is day-to-day complexities whereas leadership is to effectively orchestrating crucial change. One way to leverage organization is cultivation. Cultivation benefits organization by utilizing managers more efficiently to develop programs, mentoring seminars and colleges. Strong leadership can increase performance by using source power, reward power, coercive power, referent power, and expert power. Good management start with strong cultural organization with defined goals, priorities, and practices. There must be rules and standards to respect and encourages employees.  These strong cultural organization results in motivated employees, a powerful organization team, a healthy and positive working environment, and a successful organization. There must be a managerial control or contractual agreements. Leveraging organization requires diversity that adds talents to the team; promote creativity and innovations; and enhance organization flexibility. Diversity can enhance planning, engineering, designing, marketing, sales, and understanding global economy. The organizations can cultivate a diverse workforce by using top management’s leadership and commitment, attractive employees through accommodation family needs, and making alternative work arrangements. They can retain employees and trained them.  They will have career development and promotion. These functions will cultivate a healthy organization that will maximize business success. 

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Jun 25th, 2015

Thank you for the answer, but I did not finish the question.  I needed three power point slides and the company I am working with is Walmart.   The only part I have to do is  Organizational Culture.  Attached is what the assignment is and what needs to be on it.   If you can't answer the question I understand.  It's my fault did not complete the question.

Week 5 assignment.PNG

Jun 25th, 2015

I will try to answer the question. Please wait for it. Thanks

Jun 25th, 2015

You can incorporate these ideas into your slides:

Organization culture

Describe how managers, when applying leadership principles, can contribute to a healthy organization culture.

Slide 1

Managers can contribute to healthy organization culture by doing the following:

  1. Being a good role model for your employees
    1. They will believe what they see and hear
  2. Keep your people informed by knowing how to communicate with your people, seniors, and other key people in the organization. Good communication skill is the key to a healthy organization culture. Effective communication is the key to winning organizational trust and confidence.
  1. Gain the trust of people in the organization by helping employees understand the company’s overall business strategy

Slide 2

Respect for the individual

Leader should emphasized the important of respect for every associate, customers, and every member of the community. These is one of Walmart’s philosophy

  1. Value and recognize the contributions of every associate
  2. Own what we do with a sense of urgency, and empower each others to do the same
  3. Communicate by listening to all associates and sharing ideas and information.

Slide 3

Striving for Excellence

The key to organization success is to look for ways to improve ourselves and improve our business.

  1. Innovate by trying new ways of doing things and improving every day.
  2. Model a positive example
  3. Work as a team by helping each other and asking for help.

Jun 25th, 2015

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Jun 25th, 2015
Jun 25th, 2015
Sep 25th, 2017
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