Chris withdraws $7.50 per week from his savings account. After 15 weeks, the ba

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Chris withdraws $7.50 per week from his savings account.  After 15 weeks, the balance in the account is $585.



A.     Write an equation in point -slope form to model this.





B.    Write the equation in slope-intercept form.







C.     How much is in the account after 1 year (52 weeks)?


Jun 26th, 2015

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amount withdrawn in 15 weeks = 7.5*15 = $ 112.5   & now he has $ 585 balance

hence initially he was having  = $585+112.5 = $ 697.5 in his account

Now BAlance B = -7.5x +697.5    (Slope Intercept form  where B - Balance in bank , x - number of week)

B = -7.5x +697.5 (Answer)

Amount after 52 weeks = -7.5 * 52 +697.5 = $ 307.5.   (Answer)

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Jun 26th, 2015

Wait how do we write it in slope intercept form for the second question? Can you write out step by step?

Jun 26th, 2015

slope intercept form of equation is   y = mx+c   

where one term will very with respect to some variable (such as Week)   and One term will be constant ( like Initial money)

Jun 26th, 2015

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