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l Sprint 10:51 PM 32% Student Success – Week 4 Assignment Success in College This week, you are asked to explain to people who are interested in attending Grantham what it will take to be successful as an online college student. Refer to the materials presented in the first four weeks of this course (written lectures, textbooks, videos). Your paper should start with a statement or a claim about what it takes to be a successful student in an online college. (This is called your argument – refer to Pocket Keys for Writers chapter 3a). Throughout the rest of the paper, you will support your argument by providing descriptions, explanations or examples of the mindsets, skillsets, and tips for success that you believe to be relevant. The paper should be 750 words, (using a font such as 12 pt. Times New Roman). Use Microsoft Word to prepare your assignment. You will attach the Word document to the assignment dropbox (do not type directly into the dropbox). Refer to the Pocket Keys for Writers for help with writing skills. Remember to include the following information at the top of your paper: Your First and Last Name GID Number GU101 Today's Date View your assignment rubric. COPYRIGHT 2018 GRANTHAM UNIVERSITY < B. . Sprint 10:53 PM ☺ 31% Microeconomics - Week #4 Assignment Causes of the Great Depression After reading Chapter 7 and Special Topic 6, write a 2-page paper answering the following question: Contrary to a popular view, the Great Depression was not caused by the 1929 stock market crash. We have had similar reductions in stock prices to those in 1929 before and after the Great Depression. What historical events took place that directly led to the prolonged depressed conditions like those of the 1930s? Cite your sources as needed. Use APA formatting. View your assignment rubric. COPYRIGHT 2018 GRANTHAM UNIVERSITY < B. . Sprint 10:52 PM ☺ 31% English Composition 1- Week 4 Assignment Outline for an Informative Paper This week, you will be changing gears and moving from narrative writing to beginning on the informative paper. For this assignment, please review the directions for the Week 5 assignment and think of a topic you feel would be appropriate for an informative paper. Then, once you have that idea, you will complete an outline for that essay (please base your outline structure off the example outline). For your outline, please complete ALL of the following statements or questions: The audience for my paper is What I want them to do/think is Which essay prompt am I focusing on? What is my topic? What is the goal of my essay? What details will I need to accomplish this goal? What issues might I encounter? What is my working title? View your assignment rubric. COPYRIGHT 2018 GRANTHAM UNIVERSITY < B. . Sprint 10:53 PM ☺ 31% Introduction to Life Sciences – Week 4 Assignment Human Genome Project Research the purpose and history of the human genome project. Present your findings on the human genome project and discuss the benefits and potential drawbacks of the project. Provide an analysis on the implications of understanding the human genome in its entirety. Your assignment should be 500 words in length. View your assignment rubric. COPYRIGHT 2018 GRANTHAM UNIVERSITY < B.
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