A linear function is given. f(x) = 1 9 x + 5 (a) Find the average rate of chang

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A linear function is given.
f(x) = 
x + 5
(a) Find the average rate of change of the function between 
x = a
x = a + h.

(b) Find the slope of the line. 

Jun 28th, 2015

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f(x)= 1/9 x +5
f(a)= 1/9 a +5

f(a+h) =1/9 (a+h) +5= 1/9 a +1/9 h +5

average rate of change [f(a+h) -f(a )]/h = [1/9 a +1/9 h +5 - 1/9 a -5]/h = 1/9

slop is 1/9

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Jun 28th, 2015

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Jun 28th, 2015
Jun 28th, 2015
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