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Post an initial discussion in answer to the following forum discussion question. Post your initial discussion by Thursday at 11:55pm CT. Forum posts must be at least 250 words and include one citation from an external source other than your textbook (1) Imagine a situation of conflict between you and your boss. Discuss how understanding the elements of self-concept, its complexity, consistency and clarity may be useful in such a situation. Situation: I work for a production company and there was a product that we produce that is our most expensive and most profitable product. When we produce this product and it falls within the customers specs we make all attempts to continue to run the whole line up as we are dialed in. There are many issues that can arise when we stop and start. The department that I work in paints aluminum and things like raw material delivery and weather can affect our run time and the quality of a product Never the less just recently we where running this product and I was asked to stop the run so that way we could take a group photo for a very good cause. My department went five years without an injury. Though this is a great achievement I think that the timing and the sense of urgency was a bit inflated and at a bad time. I expressed that we don’t not want to stop the production run and offered alternative solutions. I supervisor was new to the department and was not familiar of the steps that we take when we run this product. At first he was reluctant to reschedule the photo after I explained all the possible variable that could go wrong he elected to go the alternative of taken it at the end of the run. The product was ran without issue and the customer received their product on time without any quality concerns. (2) Critical Thinking Questions Each week students will be required to write a one and half page minimum response to a Critical Thinking Question found in the textbook at the end of each chapter. The response should be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, with one inch margins and otherwise follow APA formatting standards. Writing skills appropriate for the master’s level should be evident. Responses should not be a repetition of the information found in the textbook. At least one external source must be used to support the responses.
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Critical Thinking


Critical Thinking

Describe how a manager or coach could use the process of self-fulfilling prophecy to
enhance an individual’s performance
The process of self-fulfilling prophecy entails when an individual causes another
person to act in a way which is consistent with the expectation that we anticipate to occur. An
individual in some scenarios may expect another person to act in a particular way and this
often led to that person acting in accordance with our expectations (Merton, 2016). A
manager or a leader often believe in their employees or followers, and this generally leads to
the follower achieving increasing levels of performance. Managers and leaders often
influence the reality of their followers. There are various steps or process which influence the
self-fulfilling prophecy including the manager or coach forming an expectation about their
followers, the manager expectations affecting their behavior towards their employees,
manager behavior affecting ...

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