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Just follow the document that I upload. choosing a topic by yourself first then tell me when you have it. I have to know the topic first. Then you can start finish the paper.

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For your final paper, you will be conducting a very basic critical analysis of a graphic novel of your choice. You may also use a story arc consisting of several issues. You may not use a single issue of a comic for your analysis. Here’s the breakdown: • 4 pages total • 1” margins • MLA format (including headings and Works Cited Page) • 4 sources (one for the book itself. One for your theory. Two others for supporting evidence (could be other critical analyses or other definitions for your theory, or a definition describing your lens of choice, etc.) How to move forward: 1. Pick a graphic novel or story arc. Approve it with me. 2. Read it. 3. Think about which lens would work. Remember. This semester we covered: 4. a. Psychological Lens b. Sociological Lens c. Race/Ethnicity d. Feminist Lens e. Monomyth Find a theory within the lens you choose. For example, if you choose the psychological lens, choose a psychology theory. 5. Write paper. Writing the Paper: The paper is broken down into six sections. 1. Introduction 2. Summary (1/2 page). 3. Value judgment (1/2 page) (what did you like about the comic book? What didn’t you like?) Cover: 4. a. Art work b. Content (story) c. Character(s) d. You may cover other elements like paneling, lettering, etc. Introduce us to your lens and theory (1/2 page to 1 page) a. Tell us about your theory? Which lens does it fall under? Who created the theory? Can you provide us with a working definition? 5. Analyze your text using the lens. 6. Conclusion If you need help finding a theory, please consult the “theories” document in this folder. FINAL NOTE: If you deviate a bit from the organization, that is fine. For example, some students incorporate analysis into the summary because they don't want to waste an entire page of the paper summarizing the text. That would be acceptable. Another example would be incorporating the introduction of your lens/theory into the intro paragraph and then not discussing it after the summary section. This too would be acceptable. FAQ: Q: Can I expand upon one of my journals for this assignment? A: Naw. That would inhibit your growth as a literary analyst!
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Critical Analysis of the Graphical Novel ‘Maus’
Graphic novels form pieces of unique literary works in modern day society. They are easy to
read and are relatable with the artwork providing a lively environment for reading and
understanding such literary works. Most of the time, people associate graphic novels with
superpower stories. As much as this may be true, not all graphic novels tell superpower stories.
This pre-conception therefor creates a new wave of phobia especially for those who detest
superpower stories. However, some good graphic novels narrate takes of romance, war and
other big themes in the most fluent way one can ever see. ‘Maus’, graphical novel, is a reflection
of the past that narrates the events of the war between Germany and Poland. This is enough
evidence that graphic novels are just as other novels except with the visual portraying of
characters and events.
Maus is a tale told by one of the survivors of the war between Germany and Poland. The story
teller Vladek narrates to his son Artie the unfolding events in his life since the time he married,
to the time he got drafted and went into war up to the present. Artie is a graphic novelist and
therefore tries to capture vividly the details of his father’s past through drawing and writing some

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of the conversations that ensued between them. Vladek was married t...

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