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Slide Show Assignment: COUNTRY IS DUBAI

You will conduct independent research on an assigned country/topic to discover more about the Middle East, its people, daily life, and other social, cultural, political and religious aspects of the Middle East today.

You will:

  • Prepare a slide show on your assigned country/topic, including its history, geography, culture, religion, politics, everyday life, the impact of the Arab Spring, and its presentpolitical status.
  • Include photos, maps, flags, and other graphics to enhance your presentations, and include a 5-10 minute video narration of your slide show.
  • Submit your Power Point files and video files in the Assignments folder.

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History of Dubai

Ancient history reveals that nomadic herding, farming, and trade were practiced by ancient citizens

Modern history shows that Dubai was a fishing town until oil was discovered in 1960(Albeda,


Present day Dubai is one of the leading tourist destinations globally and it serves as a home to

some of the tallest buildings


Goes above and beyond expectations!


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