BIO 105 Scientific Breakthrough Cell-by-Cell DNA

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1. Identify a breakthrough found in both the popular media and a scientific journal that is 2018 Biology specific.

2. Describe the breakthrough. Be careful not to plagerize. Use your own words.

3. Describe why the breakthrough is significant.

4. Provide both citations (popular media and scientific journal) in APA format at the end of your document. You must have two citations and only submit one page.

5. Format: One page, double lined, include your name in the pdf file name. Note: you must convert your Word document into pdf. This is available using the "Save As" function.

6. More format: TNR 12 point font. One inch margins.

7. At top of page: your name, section number in one line. Nothing else- no date, no title.

8. Upload into appropriate folder in D2L by 1 pm this Friday! How to do this is in your syllabus. I will NOT accept email submissions.

9. Late not accepted.

You can submit more than one document but only the last one will be kept in D2L

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