Where do I go for jobs to do with Art?

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I have been doing art as a hobby since 6 years old and I cant see myself doing anything else but art as a career. I figure I want to become a Tattoo Artist. Where do I go to get started on that right path.

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Now that is a cool profession you have thought of but this profession has its pros and cons.
Some of the challenges of a tattoo artist’s job is safety and sterilization.
So many dangerous pathogens and diseases can easily be transferred through blood and bodily fluids,a tattoo artist must take precautions to prevent this. These precautions may include discarding tattooing needles after each client, and sterilizing other hard to replace equipment, like tattoo guns.
but let me not scare you here are some of the sites where you can find the right guidance

See more at: http://www.theartcareerproject.com/ink-what-you-like-with-a-tatooing-career/233/#sthash.RMpEGS6t.dpuf


www.independent.co.uk › Student › Career Planning › Getting a Job

This is the best site if you are looking for a tatoo artist job

http://www.tattooartists.org/Frm8_Tattoo_Jobs_-_Artist_Wanted.asp -Tatooartists.org

But Please tell me which country you are from and the city where you want this job ? are you ready to relocate?
So that I can give you more specific recommendations.

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