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Many would argue that today's artists, entertainers, and writers have to face few struggles, if any. Today's entertainers became overnight sensations because of vehicles like YouTube and shows like The Voice and American Idol

In light of today's technology, is there such a thing as a "struggle" anymore? Explain your reasoning by giving examples.

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Yes, gaining success is still a struggle. Though many would argue that Youtube and TV shows provide instant success, still we have numerous instances where people do not become famous even though they may have tasted success.

This is because the number of people who are gaining popularity and recognition is very high. This has heightened the competition between the celebrities. Also the popularity if at all achieved is hard to retain since new entrants keep coming in fast. Unlike earlier times when fame used to last long, the fame today is highly volatile.

An example is William Hung who achieved success in American Idol 2004. But due to the reasons above, He brought his own career as a musician to an end when in 2011 he accepted a job opportunity as a technical crime analyst.

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