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Short essay 200-300, if possible one page, double space, use times new roman, 12pt, free of errors that detract from the overall message. Use citation in in-text citations. No plagiarism. I chose the career of a probation officer.

a. Describe the duties of a criminal justice career? b. Assess whether a particular criminal justice career would be a good fit ? c. What your reason for choosing this career? d. How do the requirements of this job fit with your abilities and preferences? e. Analyze differences between a desirable career and one of less interest? Compare and contrast your chosen career with one you would be less interest in. f. Explain how research and reflection change perspectives on criminal justice career, answer the following: Did your perspectives on these careers change as you learned more about them? Explain how and why? Did the comparison solidity your choice? Explain how and why?

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