equation of the tangent line

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sqrtx/ y ^2+4 +15/8 = 2x

sqrtx/ y ^2+4 +1.87 = 2x

sqrtx/ y ^2= 2x + 5.87

sqrt x/ y ^2=2x + 5.87

y^2 = sqrtx /(2x + 5.87)

y = sqrt [sqrt(x )/ (2x + 5.87)]

by adding given point

2= sqrt [sqrt(1 )/ (2(1) + 5.87)]+c

2=  sqrt [1 / 7.87]+c

5.6= c

equation of tangent

Y= M x+C

y= 4 x + 5.6

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dy/dt for lnx=e^y (x^2 y^3)^2-2 if x=1 y=0

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