What are the offsprings genotype and what are the phenotypes?

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 When there is incomplete dominance between A and A', write out the parental phenotypes and genotypes. Then write out the offspring phenotypes and genotypes as well as the number of each.

Jul 14th, 2015

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  • AA, homozygous dominant
  • AA', heterozygous
  • A'A', homozygous recessive


  • AA & AA', showing dominant allele A
  • A'A', showing recessive allele A'

All options for crosses are as follows:

  • AAxAA: Both parents hom. dom. with phenotypes showing dominant allele A. This would give 4 hom. dom. children like the parents. 
  • AAxAA': One hom. dom. other het., both phenotypes showing dominant allele A
  • AAxA'A': One parent hom. dom. other parent hom. rec., one parent showing phenotype for allele A, other showing allele A'. Children will be 2 hom. dom. and 2 het. all with phenotype dominant allele A.
  • AA'xAA': Both parents het. showing phenotype for allele A. 1 child will be hom. dom. with phenotype for allele A, 2 children will be het. with phenotype for allele A, and 1 hom. rec. with phenotype for allele A'. 
  • AA'xA'A': Both parents het. showing phenotype for allele A. 2 children will be het. with phenotype for allele A. 2 children will be hom. rec. with phenotype showing allele A'.
  • A'A'xA'A': Both parents are hom. rec. showing phenotype with allele A'. All 4 children will be just like their parents. 

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Jul 14th, 2015

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Jul 14th, 2015
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