​Linear Regression/Scatterplot

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Strategic Planning and Change


Linear Regression/Scatterplot

Statistics also play an important part in the tools and techniques of change management, which is why we are continuing to explore SPSS.

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View the following:
SPSS for Beginners 4: Regression

Open SPSS and complete the following:
Obtain an output with a simple linear regression and a scatterplot graph (as in the tutorial, with the values as seen below); highlight the model summary and coefficients table, and upload it into LC:

Caffeine Dose IQ Score
50 100
60 102
80 107
90 105
110 112
150 108
150 103
160 109
180 109
200 112
200 120
210 114
210 118
220 121
220 120
250 130
260 127
260 131
280 132
300 135

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