what degree does the theory you selected (Kohlberg, Erikson) apply accros cultur

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Be specific and illustrate your explanation with examples. Describe one change you might make to the theory and explain how this change might make the theory more applicable outside of a Western context

Nov 24th, 2017

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Erik EriksonErikson's theory asserted that everyone experiences a series of "psychosocial crises" as they mature. In other words, everyone has certain emotional hurdles to overcome. How they overcome those hurdles can affect their personal development. The stages of Erikson's theory are:

  • Trust v. mistrust
  • Autonomy v. doubt
  • Initiative v. guilt
  • Industry v. inferiority
  • Identity v. role confusion
  • Intimacy v. isolation
  • Generativity v. stagnation
  • Integrity v. despair

Lawrence Kohlberg

Kohlberg's theory takes aim at the development of moral reasoning. In other words, how do children think about moral situations? He advocated teaching moral reasoning through the presentation of moral dilemmas. His stages are as follows:

Level 1: Preconventional morality

  • Stage 1: Punishment-avoidance and obedience
  • Stage 2: Exchange of favors

Level 2: Conventional morality

  • Stage 3: Good boy/good girl
  • Stage 4: Law and order

Level 3: Postconventional morality

  • Stage 5: Social contract
  • Stage 6: Universal ethical principle

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Jul 17th, 2015

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Nov 24th, 2017
Nov 24th, 2017
Nov 24th, 2017
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