HIS 100 SNHU Hiroshima The strange myth

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Here is a Sample Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet to reference while filling out your worksheet. Please note that this is a sample, and that your worksheet should be based on another secondary source article from the Research Kit, not the atomic bomb article referenced in the sample. Download and complete the Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet for the secondary source that you selected. Save this worksheet as a file on your computer. Submit this saved file for instructor grading and feedback.

I am using this source : Miles, R. E., Jr. (1985). Hiroshima: The strange myth of half a million American lives saved. International Security, 10(2), 121–140. Retrieved from https://www-jstor-org.ezproxy.snhu.edu/stable/2538830


The worksheet needs to be filled out for this source. I attached the blank worksheet. No word minimum or page minimum.

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HIS 100 Theme 2: Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet Prompt: Fill in each of the fields below using information from a secondary source of your choice. Be sure to include specific examples (page numbers, etc.). Full APA citation: Identify author and describe potential biases. Identify thesis and arguments. What primary sources did the source rely on? Is the source reliable and convincing? Why or why not? How does the source relate to your project topic? How does it add to what you already know about the topic?
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