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I don’t know how to handle this Programming question and need guidance.

what is the advantages and disadvantages of computer and tablets?

is there a difference in this two machine?

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It would be have been easier if you clarified whether it is LAPTOP VS TABLET OR DESKTOP COMPUTER VS TABLET
(I am thinking it is Laptop vs tablet that you are interested in )but I am trying to give you the information broadly

a) The hardware included on the product.
b) They have full keyboards, large screens and much higher screen resolution than you would find on any tablet.
c) The typing is faster and more accurate on the full keyboards than the touchscreen.
d) The large screen gives you a better feel when you want to view photos or enjoy entertainment content.
e) More durable.
f) Storage capacity is more( up to 160 gigabytes)

a) You cannot carry it anywhere you want due to its weight parameter there by giving less portability options
b) Convenience
c) Shorter battery life-roughly around 3 -4 hrs.


a) Extreme portability: Tablets are any day handy computing devices giving you full control as you can use your hand or stylus to draw and illustrate or play games.
b) Give you a tactile experience as you don't have to use your mouse.
c) Low power requirements of their hardware components.
d) Longer battery life -Some of them can run up to ten hours of web usage before they require a charge.

a) The touch screen display is exposed. If there is a damage to your touchscreen the device may be useless.( You can buy a case to protect the screen but you might have to purchase it additionally.)
b) The lack of a keyboard - you will have to solely rely on the touch interface on the screen for all input.
d) Storage capacity is low (16-64 gigabytes of storage) as tablets rely on a new solid state memory as a means to store programs and data.(Well solid sate memory gives you the advantage of faster access and low power usage)
e) low performance in computing tasks which are more demanding like multitasking or graphics performance.
f) More costlier.

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