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Which describes a grizzly bear’s habitat?

Interactions between organisms and their environment impact the organism’s overall population. Oahu Amakihi and Kauai Amakihi are two closely related species of Hawaiian honeycreepers. They have a common ancestor, eat small insects and nectar, and like to nest in koa trees. However, one species is found on the island of Oahu, and the other is found on the island of Kauai. Which concept shows the relationship between the Oahu Amakihi and the Kauai Amakihi?

A biologist counts the number of zebras in a population each year and notices an increase in the zebra population. Which describes the biologist’s actions?

How would an increase in nest sites affect a population of pigeons?

Elephants shape their environment in many ways. They can change a forest to a grassy field or dig a hole that might become a pond. They clear large amounts of vegetation, which removes habitats for some organisms but makes the area inviting for other organisms. Which best describes possible interactions of elephants with the surrounding ecosystem?

Which is a biotic factor?

A biologist counts the number of rabbits in a population each year and observes a decrease in population. Since the coyote population has exploded, the biologist concludes that the coyote population has had a negative interaction with the rabbit population. Which describes the biologist’s actions?

What term includes all the biotic and abiotic elements in an area?

The Phoenix area of the southwestern desert typically receives eight inches of precipitation yearly, in two seasonal patterns. The temperature varies widely between day and night and from season to season, ranging from below freezing at night during the winter up to  49°C (120°F) during the hottest months. Even though it is an arid region, it has high biological diversity. Annual plants such as poppies and lupines flourish, along with woody shrubs such as brittlebush and creosote bush. Thin leaf trees abound, such as palo verde and desert ironwoods. Wide varieties of cactus thrive, such as the cholla, prickly pear, and saguaro. Wildlife includes insects, reptiles, many bird species, small rodents, and other mammals. Which element in the southwestern desert ecosystem is abiotic?

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