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1.     Discuss the signs, symptoms, consequences, and treatment of the various STDs.

Oct 21st, 2017

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Often, gonorrhea has no symptoms. Most people are not aware that they have the infection — especially women.

If you do get gonorrhea symptoms, they may begin in as little as 1–14 days after you got the infection.

When women have symptoms, they commonly experience

  • abdominal pain
  • bleeding between menstrual periods
  • fever
  • menstrual irregularities
  • painful intercourse
  • painful urination
  • Gonorrhea is easy to treat. If you have gonorrhea, your health care provider will give you antibiotics

syphilis has no symptoms or has such mild symptoms that a person doesn't notice them.There are also several stages of syphilis, which may overlap. The stages may be separated by latent stages, or times when no symptoms are present.Symptoms vary with each stage. But the syphilis symptoms do not always occur in the same order.

  • They include body rashes that last 2–6 weeks — often on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. There are many other symptoms, including mild fever, fatigue, sore throat, hair loss, weight loss, swollen glands, headache, and muscle pains.
  • One out of three people who have syphilis that is not treated suffer serious damage to the nervous system, heart, brain
  • Treatment--

    If you have syphilis, you will need to take an antibiotic.

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    Jul 22nd, 2015

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    Oct 21st, 2017
    Oct 21st, 2017
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