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write a short history of a spectrum auction in a country other than Canada. Your history should consider several issues: the bidders, the winners, and the business and public service implications of the auction. You should also outline any public commentary, debates, or controversies that arose during the auction. To find this material, draw on announcements and press releases from government (and other parties), as well as press coverage. Use your research to analyze and describe some of the economic, political, and social impacts of a spectrum auction, as situated in a particular national context. Your research should be based on different material than that covered in the course readings.

This assignment can be written in point form, but must include an annotated reference list (bibliography) for all materials used. You must also include a table or infographic that summarizes essential information, such as key dates, spectrum, bidders, winners, amounts, and the technology that will be enabled through the auction.

Aim for 750-800 words of text (roughly 3-3.5 pages) plus table/infographic, plus annotated reference list (do not count the words in your annotated bibliography in your total word count).

To help you pick a spectrum auction to write about, here is a google search of recent news relating to spectrum auctions: "spectrum auction" - Google Search (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (I searched and then clicked the "news" subset).

Not all countries do spectrum auctions, so before you spend a lot of time digging, try a google search like this: "Country Name" + "Spectrum Auction". For example, here is India: "india" + "spectrum auction" - Google Search (Links to an external site.)

Use APA style guide.

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Spectrum Auction
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Fox, J. T., & Bajari, P. (2013). Measuring the efficiency of an FCC spectrum auction. American
Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 5(1), 100-146.
A spectrum auction is a technique with which a government uses an auction system to
sell the licenses that give rights to transmit signals over specific bands of the electromagnetic
spectrum and to issue spectrum resources that are scarce. In the United States of America, the
wireless spectrum auction was started by the federal communication commission on January
2008 that gave the United States the rights to operate the 700MHZ radio frequency band (Fox, &
Bajari, 2013). The bidders in the auction were Verizon Wireless, AT & T mobility together with
the internet company that is the Google. Other auctions had already been done on the 700MHZ
done in auctions 44 and 49.
Some rules were set for the auction such as the limit on the number of package bids that
each bidder was required to submit. The limit was set at 12 items and 12 package bids as well as
the prices at which they could be submitted that was set to provide computationally intensive
feedback prices that were similar to the pricing approach. The federal communication
commission also set rules that were for public safety for the auction (Fox, & Bajari, 2013).
Amongst the 700MHZ spectrum, 20MHZ was set aside to allow public and private partnership
that was to give rise to a new nationwide broadband network that was tailored for the function of
public safety.
Various implications could arise if the auction were left in the hands of the private sector.
That is why the federal communicat...

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