Chemistry Rates of Chemical Reaction Comparison

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Bar/Column graph: A bar graph uses either horizontal bars to visually display comparisons of data in categories. Similarly, a column graph displays these comparisons in vertical bars. The categories are usually qualitative (not numerical). One axis of the chart lists the categories being compared, and the other axis represents the value of that category. The measurement is time in seconds. Do not put the average values into excel. ( the chart is attached below)

Use the following link for help to create a “clustered column” graph. Using these instructions, create a graph of the above data set that has the following features:

1. Label the axes as appropriate

2. Add appropriate gridlines

3. Come up with a possible experiment that this data could have come from and title the graph to describe it. Be sure to include your name.

4. If a catalyst is used to speed up a reaction, indicate which catalyst is the most effective on your graph.

5. Circle the parts of the graph you used to draw this conclusion and explain.

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Trial Catalyst A 14 13 Catalyst B 17 Catalyst C 8 1 9 Nm 10 16 13 6 4 15 8 8 5 17 9 7 Avg. 14.4 12 7.6
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