Evaluate your impact in an organization or team. 4 pages paper. APA form and in text citation.

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Based on results from the StrengthsFinder 2.0 inventory and elements of team building discussed in the readings and course activities, evaluate your impact in an organization or team. Include your typical team roles and influences, personal power, cultural awareness of self and others, emotional competence, and individualized approach to team building. The analysis should identify personal strengths, challenges, and their potential impact on effective team building.

Findings from this analysis should be used to create a plan to further personal growth including methods for continual self-assessment. Analysis can be done on both an interpersonal and professional level. The paper should be written in a concise manner and adhere to APA writing style standards. It should be 4-5 pages in length (excluding title page and reference page) and use multiple sources.

No plagiarism and article rewrite accepted .

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Kindly check the paper in the attached file below
Hey fam..kindly check the paper in the attached file below


Organizational Management
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Organizational management
Organizations are in constant need for teamwork efforts, and thus teams have become
central in many organizations. A team is dynamic in nature in that each of its members has a
unique capability. When the capabilities are put together, they help to achieve multiple tasks in
the least possible time. Additionally, they help in saving organizational resources. Despite the
importance of a team in an organization, it is necessary to acknowledge the input of each of the
members. The current paper looks at individual team roles and their potential in bringing
cohesiveness. Additionally, it explores ways of enhancing team building skills to increase the
Team roles and influences
It is a necessity to have a cohesive team. However, it is easy to say and imagine a team
being cohesive. There are roles that are essential for the cohesiveness of the team to be existence.
The following are the roles and influences on the team which have been pivotal in ensuring
performance cohesiveness;
Listener- the members of a team may have something to say at any stage of the team. There is a
need to have a listening attitude which in turn encourages the generation of new ideas. At the
same time, it acts as motivation since the members of the team feel that they are appreciated and
thus free to express ideas. Additionally, good listening skills allow others to speak out their
minds without unnecessary interruptions which may appear rude (Mathieu & Rapp, 2018). The
active listener will interject to make clarifications and use body language to indicate attention.
Leadership- a team can only be effective where there is clear and capable leadership. The leader
helps the team to make the necessary decisions and to drop the unpopular ones. In such a way,
the team achieves its goals in the stipulated time. The team leader also takes responsibility
where there is a failure and shares the successes of the team.
Creating a balance- the team leader has the duty of creating a balance for personal goals and that
of the team. Subordination of self-interest is a common term when the team is in question.
However, there is a need to ensure that there is a balance between roles since the result leads to a
lack of enthusiasm (Zhang & Kwan, 2018).
Consensus- although the leader has the duty of bringing to an end any issues which are under
discussion, it is necessary always to have a consensus. Any issue at hand should only be brought
to a close where there is a consensus among the majority of the team.
Motivation- it is common for the team to hit a dead end in the source of its life. The leader has to
encourage the team members and offer leadership in forging ahead amidst difficulties.
Communication- Effective communication is a must-have ingredient in a team. The role is
required of all members of the team. The leader has the duty of ensuring that there is a clear
communication strategy. All developments should be communicated in time to the team



members (Mathieu & Rapp, 2018). At the same time, the leader should also have the role of
communicating the successes of the team which works as motivation.
Coordinator- the team leader should be cognizant of the goals and drive the team towards their
achievement. It is common to have a scarcity of resources, and the team leader plays the role of
making the best use of what is available.
The acquisition of the above roles and influences of the team have been of great help as
managing of effective teams i...

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