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1.    Discuss the pros and cons of tanning devices. Make a list of precautions for a person considering the use of tanning devices.

Jul 27th, 2015

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Pros of Tanning Beds

Tanned Skin
One of the only benefits of using a tanning bed is the tan skin that it gives you. The majority of people believe that tan skin is attractive. Having tan skin can help to hide any imperfections that you may have on your body, such as cellulite or freckles. A nice tan also helps you to blend in tan lines that you gained naturally from the sun.

There is something oddly soothing about stripping down and getting into a tanning bed. You can often put on your own music and the only other noise is that of the fans in the bed. It is a very serene and calm experience. This is many people’s outlet of relaxing, as well as improving their appearance

Cons of Tanning Beds

Increased Risk Of Cancer
It has been proven that people who tan in tanning beds are 75% more likely to develop skin cancer over someone who has never tanned indoors. That is a startling number if you really take the time to think about it. Any form of UV radiation exposure is deemed unsafe and damages skin cells.

Just because tanning beds do not use the sun to deliver the rays, doesn’t mean that the skin cannot burn in the same way. If a person uses a tanning bed that is too high or for too long, they may develop a sun burn. Sunburns are no fun and very painful.

Dry Skin
Tanning dries out the skin, which makes it much more prone to wrinkles and other cosmetic problems. It also causes the skin to itch and feel uncomfortable.

Premature Aging
Tanning causes damage to the skin cells. It causes the elasticity that naturally depletes over time, to diminish even faster. This is responsible for wrinkles on the skin, which age you much faster than you would normally age.


Instead of utilizing a tanning bed to achieve a tan, DERMA Doctor recommends using a self-tanner, which can give you a golden brown appearance, yet does not result in the skin damage and skin cancers associated with utilizing a tanning bed. These creams can be purchased at most drugstores and discount superstores. In some instances, they also can moisturize the skin.

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Jul 27th, 2015

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Jul 27th, 2015
Jul 27th, 2015
Sep 26th, 2017
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