Civility on the Internet Essay

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The internet offers anonymity, and anonymity changes the way in which we present ourselves. Many individuals, acting behind the veil of a screen, say things and do things that they would otherwise not do in a face-to-face environment. This has led to an online phenomenon known as “trolling,” wherein individuals deliberately act to incite anger or resentment. Add to this the ways in which online discussions can get heated very quickly, and it is clear that civility is becoming a lost art.

You will be writing a five-paragraph essay in which you explain the nature of civility, why it is important in an online setting, and what can be done to recover civility in the context of news media and cyber-culture.

1.Your first paragraph should contain a definition of civility and an explanation of what it means to be civil.

2.Your second paragraph should contain an explanation of what it means to be civil in an online setting. Why do we need civility online? Why do you think the internet tends to foster incivility?

3.Your third paragraph should contain a discussion of what can be done to recover civility. How can we promote civility online? What are some ways in which we avoid heated discussions and debates?

4.Your fourth paragraph should apply what you have said about civility to a specific contentious issue in today’s culture (e.g. healthcare, gun control, capital punishment, abortion, war, economic policy). What does it mean to have a civil discussion about said issue? How can being civil advance our understanding of this issue?

5.Your final paragraph will summarize what you have said and make concluding remarks about civility going forward. What advice would you give to internet users about developing and maintaining a sense of civility in the way they approach online interactions?

Your completed assignment should be approximately 1000 words. Submit your paper, written in APA style, including a title page, reference page, and appropriate citations, to the dropbox for grading.

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Civility on the Internet




Civility can be described as “the act of claiming and caring for one’s identity, needs and
beliefs without degrading someone else’s in the process” (Gentile, 2018). Though seen as an act
of politeness, civility entails being able to disagree without disrespect. Civility begins with the
“Golden rule” which states that one should treat others the way he or she wants to be treated. The
essence of civility in a heated discussion is that one argues a position in an aggressive manner
without being petty and mean to the other party. The importance of civility in the society is that
it enables people to manage or channel conflict in a way that avoids demonization of the
opponent which may lead to violence or deterioration of social norms (Fiala, 2013).
Civility on the Internet
Civility in an online setting can be described as a form of internet communication that is
appropriate to civil interaction which entails being polite, courteous and considerate of othe...

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