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· Why is it important to develop a detailed lesson plan? What information should you include in a lesson plan? Explain why that information is important. 


· What motivation do companies have to evaluate training programs? How would evaluation help the company reach its long term goals? What are the potential consequences of not evaluating training programs? 


Jul 30th, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your question!

A lesson plan keeps you on track and keeps the kids on track, but it also helps outside the context of the lesson itself. Lesson planning lets you track progress and problems. With planned lessons, you have actual paperwork of everything you’ve taught, so you can refer back to it later.

These are included in a lesson plan:


The title of your lesson plan should be concise, clear, and descriptive. It should invite teachers to take a closer look at the plan. Remember that teachers may see only the title and a short abstract of your plan in a page of search results, so they need to know what to expect if they click on it!

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Use the introduction to tell us a little about your lesson plan. Briefly describe the instructional techniques, what students are to learn, and any activities or assessments that you think are particularly noteworthy.

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Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are what students are expected to learn after completing the lesson plan.

  • Learning outcomes should be closely related to the curriculum alignment but should not simply repeat goals and objectives of the Standard Course of Study. Learning outcomes may be broader, address particular aspects of curriculum objectives, or teach the curriculum in a special context.
  • Each learning outcome should be clearly reflected in the activities and assessed at the conclusion of the lesson.
A successful training program is always a work in progress, and the training cycle isn’t complete without an evaluation of training’s effectiveness, which leads to decision-making and planning for future training. Therefore, a useful and informative evaluation program needs to be a part of your overall training operation.

Planning and evaluation are particularly important for these organisations because they exist to make a significant contribution to society:

  • Planning helps us to decide what that contribution should be and how to achieve it.
  • Evaluation enables us to judge whether we have had the impact we planned, contributed to changing the situation we wanted to change and whether or not we achieved our goal.

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I'm always happy to answer your questions.
Jul 30th, 2015

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Jul 30th, 2015
Jul 30th, 2015
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