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Today, there are many foundations which cater for different institutions. These include health care, education, poverty and other serious crisis (Grove, Burns & Gray, 2012). Healthcare organization have also been built through different foundations. While some aim at providing financial services, others offer services dealing with the betterment of the patient. Some of the foundations include world health organization, food and drug administration, national health foundation among others. While these foundations serve different purposes, their main aim is to ensure that human beings have a healthy life.

National health foundation is healthcare service delivery in hospital settings. It was foundedin 1973 as a healthcare service delivery for educational and research programs (Lim, Brown, & Jones 2013). Its purpose has changed over the years due to the shift of public health. Currently, the health of the people is essential as there are many factors which affect the environment where people learn, work, live, play and do most of their routine tasks. The organization has committed itself to ensure that health disparities are keenly checked and this has been made efficient through community members (Huston, 2013). As such, teens and adults are empowered to maintain the legacy and advocate for good health as they identify changes in their surroundings.

The organization has changed healthcare in many ways. First, it has empowered the teens and adults into learning the best techniques of being healthy (Grove, Burns & Gray, 2012). This has increased the health awareness in people. Secondly, specific populations and communities have improved their healthcare delivery service ways. As such, the world has turned into being a conducive place where an individual can dwell in. Having youths who are aware of the nature of surrounding concerning health helps them grow knowing ways they can maintain for the environment and themselves. Intrinsically, the foundation has brought more impact to the healthcare sector.

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