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Share a poem or story that has significant meaning for you. How could your poem or story be used in a helping context?

Aug 1st, 2015

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The Cleansing

I'm bound in a black dress
Laced with frill and feather
I walk through the ashen woods
Through the mud and dirty weather

I inhale the aroma of charcoal and dust
And walk slowly towards the center
I look up into the sky, rain falls upon my cheek
I gaze upon the ground, do I dare enter?

I feel the blood pulse through me
Even drag itself from my skin
Placing my mutilated foot in the water
Should I let myself fall in?

I sink into this oblivion
And let myself go weak
I'm surrounded by the darkest pleasure
No way to scream out...impossible to speak

Feels like I'm being torn
From the inside out
I feel my body cleansing
I crawl, with no hesitation, nor doubt

Fingers through the mud
Dragging myself from the shadow
My black dress turned to white
My clothing set aglow

I stand for the last time
Cold wind flows through my hair
Stare into the smothered sky
And weep my last tears of despair

For once I feel so beautiful
My skin so pale, so pure
With such an attractive innocence
An irresistible allure

My tears turn to beauty
As I walk from what I've left behind
No longer swamped in fear and anxiety
No longer am I confined

As I walk, I feel such freedom
And with happiness, I am consumed
Now eternally lost in ecstasy
My deepest desires can now be abloom

Family Friend Poems have struggled throughout my life with weight, rejection, abandonment, being bullied, beaten and torn down repeatedly. This is a poem I have written a little while ago, inspired by the person who I am today and who I finally plan to be. It talks of hardship, struggle, and the fight to come out on top. And I will come out on top. It is also inspired by the vision I receive when listening to 'Circle' by Slipknot. The meaning is left to your own interpretation.

Please let me know if you nea case for torture by michale levined any clarification. I'm always happy to answer your questions.
Aug 1st, 2015

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Aug 1st, 2015
Aug 1st, 2015
Oct 21st, 2017
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