Impact of Human and Cultural Diversity on Globalization Essay Submission

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this assignment is two parts. I did the first part which is pre writing and now I would like from you to continue and do the second part.

Requirements for the second part..

Now that you have researched, gotten feedback on your prewriting, and written your essay, you will submit your final product here.

Your essay must be well organized and structured coherently, with an introduction (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., clear thesis statement (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., well-organized body points, and a conclusion (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. As part of your essay, you must:

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Running head: ECONOMICS AND GLOBALIZATION Economics and Globalization Name Institution 1 ECONOMICS AND GLOBALIZATION 2 Economics and Globalization Choose and Summarize your Concept Economics mostly entail the study of production, distribution, and consumption of the various goods and services produced in an economy. Economics also focuses on the behavior together with the interaction of the multiple economics agents and how economics generally works. Globalization represents the process in which business organizations develop international influence or operates on a global scale. The concept that is of more interest to me pertains to how globalization is reflected in the expansion and the stretching of social relations, activities, and interdependencies (Steger, 2003). This concept is of more interest to me since it is something that I would like to understand better. Through globalization, it has enabled the spread of various resources and the emergence of new business in new environments or economies. Social relations, especially between individuals of different cultures, have been enhanced due to globalization as since new enterprises have emerged in new countries. Many business activities have also been enhanced due to globalization, which has also influenced economic interdependencies between various countries. Without globalization, the economy of many countries would not have grown, and there would be no social relations between different individuals. Many countries now depend on other nations economic aid and in other prospects, which has been encouraged by globalization. ECONOMICS AND GLOBALIZATION 3 Annotated Bibliography 1. Textbook Name: Manfred B. Steger, 2003, Globalization, Oxford University Press. Type of source: Book Steger, M. B. (2003). Globalization: A very short introduction (Vol. 86). Oxford University Press. The author asserts that globalization is a multidimensional set of a social process, which leads to the creation and intensification of social interdependence in the world which deepen connections between the distant and the local individuals (Steger, 2003). The qualification of the source to speak as an authority on the topic is because the author provides a detailed content about the topic with various references on the same. The source is a book, and it asserts how globalization has enabled the spread and expansion of various activities including the stretch of financial markets, and many countries have engaged in mutual dependence at a global level. Many businesses have also been able to emerge and grow at an international level due to them operating in the various market in different countries worldwide. The Internet has been at the leading role of facilitating globalization since it has enabled collaboration and interaction of many individuals from various parts of the world which have enabled the expansion of many businesses globally. 2. Credible source that agrees Name: Kose, Prasad & Terrones, How does globalization affect the synchronization of business cycles, American Eco Source: Academic Article. ECONOMICS AND GLOBALIZATION 4 Kose, M. A., Prasad, E. S., & Terrones, M. E. (2003). How does globalization affect the synchronization of business cycles?. American Economic Review, 93(2), 57-62. The central idea presented by the authors in the source is that globalization has been at the forefront of enabling the growth of business together with stimulating relationship between various countries through global interdependency. There has been increased competition, greater awareness of consumer needs, and cultural interaction has all been enabled due to globalization (Kose, Prasad & Terrones, 2003). The qualification of the source to speak as an authority in the topic is because it is a peer-reviewed journal, which has been deemed credible by various individuals. The authors also engage in explaining to multiple students, educators, and economists that due to globalization many business activities have flourished in different countries, which have promoted economic growth in the long-run. The resource also covers how globalization has enabled economic integration between various nations and how many countries' economies have been able to grow as a result of globalization. The resource is helpful to the essay as it provides the various ways how globalization has enhanced accelerate social exchanges, activities, economic growth, and interdependencies. 3. Credible source that disagrees Name: David Deese, Globalization: causes and effects, Routledge. Source: Book. Deese, D. A. (2017). Globalization: causes and effects. Routledge. The author in the book purports that globalization is the new strategy that many developed countries are using to assert their dominance in the developing countries. Globalization is considered as the process leading to an era of neo-colonialism since the western cultures are overshadowing many cultures in developing countries (Deese,, 2017). ECONOMICS AND GLOBALIZATION 5 The author qualifies to speak as an authority on the topic since the author is one of the leading economists in the world with vast experience in the topic. The resource is an article, and it covers the various adverse effects that arise in a country or the economy as a result of globalization and interdependencies. Globalization has also inflicted many developing countries in a phenomenon known as brain drain since the brightest individuals in the developing countries are migrating into developed countries in search of employment. Thesis Statement Globalization is essential in the society, as it has effectively enhanced the growth of many businesses, increased productivity and competition, boosted economic activities and advanced interdependencies between countries. Many companies have been able to grow and increase their productivity as a result of globalization since it has enabled many businesses to expand their operation in new markets. Globalization has also made it possible for the cultural exchange to take place since enterprises are operating in new markets with new communities. There has also been the emergence of better relations between countries who provide each other with different resources and support as a result of globalization. ...
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History Assignment



History Assignment
Explain how the colonists responded to the new acts imposed on them by the British,
and trace the evolutionary process that brought the colonies closer to rebellion.
The British engaged in various practices towards ensuring that they increase the
number of colonies in various parts of the world. The various practices that they participated
in include enacting different acts in the various colonies that they had established themselves
which made the settlers to saw the need of rebelling against the British invasion. Due to the
British urge to rein colonies in various parts of the world in led to the emergence of various
war and rebellion that emerged between the British and their colonists. The British invasion
occurred between 1763 and 1776 which made the colonies feel unjustifiably exhausted,
watched over like kids and they were also much disregarded by the British in their endeavors
to address the various grievances. One of the British invasive act that they established was the
Quartering Act of 1765 which asserted that the British army had the right to stay in American
colonial homes. The act also made it mandatory for the colonists to engage in feeding and
providing housing to the stationed soldiers who were not a good move according to the
colonists (Thomas, 2000). It can also be purported that during the British settling in American
colonies various religious issues rose, financial matters became the pith of various
deliberations which became part of the evolutionary process.
Another act established by the British was the Sugar Act which they used to control
colonial America. Through the act, it gave the British the power to tax sugar and molasses
which were being transported in and outside the American colonies. The act was detrimental
to the American colonial profits and a threat to the colonists. The Sugar Act stirred a lot of
vile feelings towards the British, but it was not that provoking compared to the Stamp Act.
The Stamp Act was not supported by the majority of the American merchants and lawyers



since it taxed their goods under unfair terms which led to the colonial officials to receive
fewer wages and salaries (Lange, Mahoney & Vom Hau, 2006). The act also attacked the
colonists instead of regulating trade in America which created powerful opposition that
brought strong colonial resistance to the English men. Many of the colony's leaders
disregarded the ...

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