Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) and Informatio

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 perform a high-level analysis of the four major domains of COBIT. (Keep in mind that COBIT is intended to make sure that IT provides the systematic rigor needed for the strong internal controls and Sarbanes–Oxley compliance.) Select the domain that you believe to be the major concern for IT and explain why.

Aug 2nd, 2015

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Monitor, Evaluate and Assess (MEA) • COBIT 5

The Monitor, Evaluate and Assess domain deals with a company’s strategy in assessing the needs of the company and whether or not the current IT system still meets the objectives for which it was designed and the controls necessary to comply with regulatory requirements. Monitoring also covers the issue of an independent assessment of the effectiveness of IT system in its ability to meet business objectives and the company’s control processes by internal and external auditors. The following table lists the high level control objectives for the MEA domain

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Aug 2nd, 2015

  • Evaluate the concepts and techniques covered by ITIL. Select the concept that you believe to be the most critical for any business and support your position.

Aug 2nd, 2015

I think the table bellow will help you understand the objective and  service support

Deliver, Service and Support (DSS)


Manage Operations


Manage Service Requests and Incidents


Manage Problems


Manage Continuity


Manage Security Services


Manage Business Process Controls

Aug 2nd, 2015

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Aug 2nd, 2015
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