How Is a Vegan diet the most beneficial?

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Research prompt: How is a vegan diet the most beneficial to yourself and the environment (If after reading the articles, and you believe you could think of a better prompt with these articles, let me know we can brainstorm together :) )


The articles will be attached as a file all together with the titles and authors.

Argumentative Persuasive Research Paper

Task: Argue your side effectively on a debatable topic of your choice. I prefer if you choose a topic that is of interest to you, or to your future academic studies, or to a career path you have chosen, so that what you write for my class can then be used as sample work when you move on.

Since it’s a debatable topic you have to take a stand/ position – are you pro or con? Then explore the opposition’s arguments and prove that opposition wrong.

If you cannot come up with a topic, I have some debate topics with articles (but these articles are old), so I will expect you to get more recent articles from the library databases: ProQuest, Opposing Viewpoints, and or Kanopy) to add to your store of articles to be used as sources for your research.

Then come up with a list of Question (after accessing prior knowledge), read the articles to see if your questions are answered, if go online and look up the databases to find articles.

There are two rough drafts needed for this, but if these rough drafts are in bullet points, I am ok with that too.

Rough Draft 1: Argument

You will choose a debatable topic as your subject. You may argue either side of the issue. Define the topic in terms of your argument. Describe in detail the issues related to your topic that supports your claim. Present evidence that supports your claim.

Rough Draft #2: Refutation

You will argue the same topic/side as you did in RD #1. Imagine you have presented your paper to a committee. What might the opposition say to counter your ideas? Your goal is to prove this opposition wrong. Write it in a way that refutes any opposition to the argument you made in Rough Draft #1.

Final: Combined Argument and Refutation: For the final, you will edit Rough Draft #1 and 2 that you wrote earlier. Combine the body paragraphs of these two Rough Drafts to form your final (6-8 pages total). Be sure to transition between these paragraphs. The final will have an entirely new intro/conclusion as well as a thesis.

Summarize at least 3 arguments that the opposition to your proposed solution might make. Will they argue with your data? Do they see the issue differently? Do they think another solution would be better? Using academic tone, deconstruct the argument. Show why their arguments are wrong. Show why their data are skewed. Show that their conclusions are inaccurate.

1. Your thesis should: a) give the topic, b) state the side you are on c) tell why you are right and your opposition is wrong. This thesis is NEW.

2. Include a new intro strategy/new introductory paragraph for the final. This intro is NEW (not the same as in your Rough Drafts).

3. Edit and then cut and paste the BODY PARAGRAPHS from Rough Draft 1 into the final.

4. Include a transitional paragraph to join these two halves together for your reader. This paragraph is NEW

5. Edit and then cut and paste the BODY PARAGRAPHS from Rough Draft 2 into the second half of the final. These paragraphs should prove your opposition wrong. Will the opposition argue with your data? Do they see the issue differently? Do they use argumentative fallacies? Using academic tone, deconstruct the argument. Show why their arguments are wrong. Show why their data are skewed. Show that their conclusions are inaccurate. Remember, you must avoid argumentative fallacies when proving your side!

6. Conclude by summing up the weakness (eg) of the opposition and reaffirming the strength of your side. Your readers should put down the paper and believe your side is correct. This conclusion should be NEW.

7. When you combine your sources for Rough Draft 1 and 2, you will have a minimum of 5 sources and a maximum of 10 sources. The list of sources must be varied. However, you may not use: encyclopedias, Wikipedia, blogs, chatrooms, or discussion forums.

8. Following MLA citation guidelines, use parenthetical in text citations and include a works cited page in which you list the sources that you’ve used in your paper.

Research Paper Length

• 2,500 words/6-7pages

Number of outside sources required

You must use a minimum of five sources in your research paper, and no more than ten sources total.

These sources can be:

• Books

• Articles from magazines, newspapers, and journals

• Reports from databases

• Reputable web sites

• Documentaries

And remember - you must correctly cite all sources used. Counter arguments and rebuttals must also be cited correctly in MLA 8.

Format Style

You are required to submit your research paper in MLA 8 format, which means in-text citations must be used in the body of your paper, and a Works Cited list must appear at the end of your paper.

It is strongly advised that you speak to a reference librarian when you embark on your research paper. It is advised that you may use sources found through the College Library, such as subscription databases, the library catalog (books), and electronic book databases. When using open web or non-library sources, make sure they are reliable, authoritative, objective, current, and accurate.


I will attach a youtube video link that explains how to make one for this assignment:

Also only use the sources I have provided

Tutor Answer

School: UCLA


Benefits of Vegan Lifestyle-Outline




Boosts vitamins


Reduction of


Proteins intake


Weight increase


system challenges


Social events



Benefits of Vegan Lifestyle
Debates have ensured on the benefits of the Vegan diet and this focuses on the role that it
plays on the health of the individuals. The analysis of the of the different journeys that people
experience helps in shaping their needs when it comes to the diet and this helps in the
management of desires in losing weight in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The definition of the
constituents of a vegan diet is important as this helps in focusing on the products that one can
consume and the categories of foods that are not defined under the vegan diet. Vegetarians are
known to eat products that are non- animal and this includes vegetables, soy, grains, fruits and
nuts. They do not eat any products from animals. In the analysis it is important to focus on the
benefit that the diet has on the health of the individuals as this means there is consideration of the
different dietetics. The focus on the different kinds of the diets that non-vegetarians take is
important as this helps in making the decision that enables meeting the goals that they set.
Vegetarian diet has many benefits to the body and this ensure there is increase in the adoption of
the lifestyle that enables the reduction of the lifestyle diseases that people are likely to incur in
the later years. It is important that there is association of the different challenges as this
encourages the need to focus on the benefits of the vegetarian lifestyle.
The argument for embracing the vegetarian diet looks at the need to enhance a healthy lifestyle
and this ensures there is increase in the coordination in the reduction of the diseases likely to



arise from the lifestyle. The elimination of the animal products is known to increase the healthy
lifestyle of an individual as they continue to incorporate healthy fats into their diet. In the case,
there is reduction of the levels of cholesterol in the body leading to the enhancement of the
functioning of the different parts. It reduces the cases of heart attacks due to the control of the
cholesterol levels in the body. It is important that focus is on the risks that an individual faces
and the reduction of the cases guides the usage of the different supplements and the need to
increase the physical activity in the body (Marialisa 1).The assessment of the fats in the body is
important in the vegetarian diet as this helps in focusing on the variation of the cholesterol levels
in the body.
The vegetarian diet is important as it helps in boosting the vitamins in the body. It
enables the increase in the experiences of the users as this enables increased intake in vegetables,
nuts, fruits and legumes. The assessment of the vitamins intake levels is important as this enables
the development of immunity in the body. It enables the decrease in the number of diseases that
are caused by the lack of vitamins in the body. It improves the functioning of the body as there
is increase in the antioxidation process and this improves the benefits in the body. There is focus
on the nutritional benefits that are incurred in the consumption of the vegetarian diet. It creates
the need to observe the changes in the composition of the diet. Where there is an increase in the
fiber in the diet, it is likely that there is focus on the benefits in decreasing the diseases that one
is likely to get (Community Writer2). In the case, the healthy diet enables the consideration of
the healthy lifestyle and the nutrition that one gets from the vegetables and fruits.
The vegetarian diet forces an individual’s body to use the carbohydrates for energy. The
assessment of the carbohydrates intake is important as this helps in ensuring there is focus on the
changes in the body and the analysis of the benefits that an individual incurs in the breaking



down of the carbohydrates by the body. The increase in the energy is important in increasing the
activity of an individual and this breaks down the activity of the tissues from the muscles
enabling the lean muscles. It encourages the need to focus on the healthy foods that an individual
should eat and this embraces the changes in the lifestyle. There is encouraging of the use of the
healthy vitamins and the carbohydrates as this helps in toning down of the bodies and the
regulation of the amount of foods that people take.
The regulation of the intake of the proteins is important as this helps n ensuring there is
repairing of the tissues of the body and the reduction of the complications that are likely to arise
in the body. It helps in the consideration of the healthy and the unhealthy options that one has
and the role of the vegetarian diet in guiding the healthy lifestyle. It is important that there is
focus on the changes intake of the proteins and this means there is repairing of the tissues and the
focus on other sources of proteins. The assessment of the diet and the alternative sources of
proteins such as legumes is important as this enables the need to enhance the richness of the diet
and the healthy options that exist for the vegans. With the diet, there is reduction in the number
of diseases and this helps in ensuring that the body can actively fight the diseases that an
individual is likely to face (The Rights of Animals 2). It assists in ensuring there is increase in
the ability of the body to keep diseases such as cancer, arthritis and diabetes at bay. It creates the
need to encourage people on the vegan diet and its importance in the reduction of the diseases.
The focus on the body’s ability to fifth the diseases is through increased immunity and this is
enhanced by increased consumption of vegetables and fruits. The reduction of the risks in the
body keeps people fit and they ate in a position to engage in other activities.
Vegan lifestyle enables the increase in the energy levels and this helps in keeping the
body and the mind active. There is increase in the positivity of an individual as the energy levels


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