Foundations of American Government Discussion

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Foundations of American Government

Chapter two covers the founding of the United States, which includes the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. These documents are still relevant to understanding American government today. The Articles of Confederation, while no longer a governing document, provides a historic background to the division and sometimes still conflicting interests of the State and National governments. As you read chapter two, you should read these three important documents (Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and Constitution). After reading the documents answer the following questions in your essay.

Declaration of Independence - Read the Declaration of Independence and answer the following questions:

  1. Identify the specific phrases and/or words in the first three paragraphs that are most significant to you and explain in your own words why this language was important to the colonists as well as to America today.
  2. The remainder of the Declaration is a list of grievances the colonists had with the King of England. Read over these criticisms and identify, which if any would have motivated you toward Independence?
  3. What was the purpose in writing the Declaration of Independence? What is the value of the Declaration of Independence today?

In order to receive credit, you are required to:

  • Provide comprehensive responses by using the textbook as the primary source of information.
    • Penalties for not using the textbook as the primary source of information will range from 5 to 20 points
  • Submit your main response in at least 250 words.
    • Penalties for not following the length requirement for any response/reply will range from 5 to 30 points.
  • Avoid copy-and-paste and unnecessary quotations.
    • Use paraphrasing instead of quoting.
      • You should use a quote only when the same idea cannot be stated differently or when doing so would diminish its academic value. The latter is not applicable in our case and the former is rarely needed.
  • Provide, when paraphrasing, in-text citations and references in the APA writing format.
    • Penalties for not providing in-text citations and/or references will range from 10 to 40 points.
    • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. A failing grade for the assignment and/or the course will be awarded

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Foundations of American Government
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Foundations Of American Government


Part One
In the colonial period of America, there were very many rules and regulations that were
put in place for the colonialist of which one of them was lack of freedom to move around freely
in the society or their areas of inhabitations. There was a high level of oppression from the
authority as their actions were being carried upon as they pleased and lacked any justification of
proper guidelines.
Everyone deserves happiness and no restrictions as traveling are concerned as through it
we learn new adventures, know new things, ideas and also socialize with different people and
cultures. This was made impossible during the colonial period as people were confined in their
respective groups and colonies without crossing specific boundaries to another location failure
which attracted corporal punishment and even death
These restrictions were very important to the colonialists and are among other things that
motivated them to fight for the American independence. In present America today, we can see
clearly how their bravery and hard work is being enjoyed by all in the United States of America
as there is exclusive freedom of movement from all the states in the country thus has boosted
tourist, business and economy unlike during the colonial period.
In present America, such laws of restrictions have seized to exist and everyone is free to
travel to every part of the world but legally through the immigration office or department to meet
new people across the globe and learn new cultures and ideas that might make America feature
bright for its coming generations.

Foundations Of American Government


This word life is very vital and was among the words and phrases that made the colonists
united towards achieving independence since there were increased unlawful numbers of people
who were killed daily the colonizers some were even subjected to slavery, forceful sexual
exploitations and brutality and their lives were not valued. The colonists believed that every
human being was equal before the creator and no one was allowed under any circumstance to
claim anyone’s life.
As witnessed in the present America today, there are laws that have been enacted to help
safeguard the safety and protection of citizens life’s from any act of unjustified killings,
kidnapping, rape or any fatal actions that might predispose one to harm and that is with an aim to
make the country a better place for an equitable for all to avoid acts of the colonial periods.
Colonialist were subjected to very hard labor in harsh environments which endangered
their lives for example in mining caves dig for gold, diamond during bad weather and in some
instances, landslides do occur burying many people at once making it impossible to carry out
rescue operations. Currently, there are guidelines enacted that come with every type of
occupation to prevent any harm that might claim or befall any employees life. This shows the
current value of life American Country.
As it is being said No American can be left behind dead or alive be it where in the world
or in the military. This is a good gesture in the America of today as it shows that the government
shows concerns of its citizen’s life.
Pursuit of happiness
Being one of the necessities of life and very important to a human beings life, this phrase
was important to the colonialists because during that time everyone was oppressed, stressed, sad

Foundations Of American Government


and unhappy with the situation of state of their country which was manifested with seasons of
severe, poverty, hunger and disease outbreaks due to poor living conditions.
This motivated them to fight hard with unity in order to attain their happiness and that
which the current generations in America are enjoying, for example, education, recreation,
peaceful clean environment and neighborhoods and freedom of expression of one’s passion in
terms of carrier wise.
In presented America, every one happiness is guaranteed by the government or state as
there are centers and groups of therapy put in place to help citizens corrected their state of
problems that make them not be happy or sad in life. These measures objectively aim at
improving on the past mistakes that were made during the colonial period to honor the
declaration that was made. Everyone deserves happiness irrespective of their age.
There are Non-governmental cooperation’s that ensures the human needs and rights are
met by the government to make them feel at ease and not oppressed as during the colonial
periods as to improve their dedications and responsibility as citizens
Part Two
Raising or imposing of taxes without the consent of the people is one of the hurdles
things to do and this would have motivated me toward independence as it really affects those
needy families that perhaps have nothing or...

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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