Create your argument based on the information you have gathered through research on a topic.

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in this assignment, you will show that you are achieving important learning outcomes:

  1. Interpret information through close and critical reading.
  2. Demonstrate effective use of the writing process.
  3. Employ effective academic tone, style, mechanics, and citation method.
  4. Integrate relevant source material effectively and ethically.
  5. Support a position appropriate to the rhetorical situation.

You will submit a formal, alphanumeric, full-sentence outline formatted in proper APA style. The outline must organize your argument into an introduction, conclusion, and at least five body sections (approximately 750 words or more). The introduction section must include a working thesis statement, which is an arguable response to your research question. Each body section should contain a topic sentence and subordinate claims and evidence from at least five credible and scholarly sources. Paraphrases, summaries, and quotes must be cited accurately and used with integrity. This assignment requires a title page and a reference list.

Then in one final recap (200 words)

  • remind the class of your research question and share your working thesis statement (See Writing a Thesis Statement (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.),
  • identify your personal opinions, experiences, assumptions, and associations with the subject of your argumentative essay,
  • explain how you intend to overcome your biases so you can write an objective research-based argument, and
  • share how you plan to integrate research into your rough draft this week.

APA Reminders:

The reference citation for this YouTube video:

TEDx Talks. (2018, January 10). Mind Bugs | Mahzarin R. Banaji | TEDxBari [Video file]. Retrieved from

To create a paraphrase or summary citation:

Screen name and year of publication

  • (TEDx Talks, 2018)

To create a quote citation:

Screen name, year of publication, and timestamp (MM:SS)

  • (TEDx Talks, 2018, 03:25)

The citations for this article:

Meads, J. (2015). What lies beneath the surface. American Theatre, 32(8). 48-50. Retrieved from

  • Meads (2015) claimed that…
  • Meads (2015) stated that “this is the quote” (p. 49).

Grading Criteria

Week 3 Discussion: Distinguished Performance


Provides in-depth reflection on implicit associations and bias, including unique insight and perspective. States opinions, assumptions, and experiences that may create bias in the rough draft and creates a plan to limit their influence. Helps others to achieve the same goal.


Critical Thinking

Applies the reading to issues in writing and argument development. Approaches others with fair-mindedness and respect. Is willing to consider other viewpoints. Asks classmates clarifying questions and points out other perspectives. Takes time to “think out loud” and explain ideas in detail.


Text is well written and proofread. Audio and video are clear and understandable. Images are appropriate and well formatted. The message is clear and error-free.

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Racism in Criminal Justice- Outline




Racism in Criminal Justice- Outline
I. Introduction
A. The criminal justice system includes all those systems that combined, ensure that
crime is prevented, criminals apprehended, and rehabilitation or punishment
conducted appropriately.
B. Racism in this system includes all activities that show that the system does not
treat people of different racial backgrounds equally.
C. Racism in government agencies goes back to the age of slavery and segregation
and a commonly-held opinion is that it has not ended in the system.
D. Thesis Statement: Racism in the criminal justice system has prevailed despite
efforts to get rid of the immorality hence there is the need for enhanced efforts to
work towards getting rid of the vice.
II. Racism in the United States systems has been prevalent in the past although efforts have
been constantly applied to deal with the problem.
A. Slavery allowed by the government was one way of exercising racism in the
nation and the people who suffered were African Americans
B. Over American history, being Black has constantly been synonymous with
criminality for centuries (Riccucci, Van Ryzin, & Jackson, 2018).
C. Evidence of racism ...

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