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Find a company that took a big risk on an IT(information technology) project and succeeded. Next, find a company that took a big risk on an IT project and failed. You can use the same company for both scenarios. Summarize each project and situation in a short paper. Analyze both projects’ ability to manage risk.

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Running Head: TAKING RISKS


Taking Risks
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Taking Risks

Many of the successful company’s achievements were not served in a silver plate but
meant taking daring risks. However, taking risks does not always mean a win situation. Some
prominent entrepreneurs or huge companies have taken their risks which later cost them a big
fortune or left them in remorse and regrets. The essay covers some of some of the companies that
took a big risk in information technology and either lost or won.
As stated by Drew Hendricks, 2014, Steve Jobs of the apple company is among the
Forbes greatest entrepreneurs. Prime visionary in the computer industry. The co-founder and
CEO of Apple Inca which is a multinational technology company which designs, develops and
vends computers soft wares, electronics, and other online services. The large comprehensive
affluent of the apple history runs down in the '70s when Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve
Wozniak decided to take their risk and venture in selling computers at 500 dollars each which
born the apple company. The risk was high, and Ronald pulled out, Jobs resigned, and so the
Apple company began falling to its knees as it could not keep up with the competitive pace of
companies like Microsoft Windows.
In 1997 Steve Jobs returned to his daunting risky mission again. The Apple Company had
already lost 1.04 billion US dollars in the fiscal year. But he was daring enough to return to the

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