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The discussion forum will introduce you to the great variety of organisms on earth.

  1. Please click on "One Species At A Time Podcast"
  1. Brief summary of podcast
  2. Full scientific and common name of the organism.
  3. Classification of the organism including species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom and domain.
  4. Overview of physical and physiological characteristics
  5. 200 words or longer and a reference (APA format).

Aug 5th, 2015

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Aug 5th, 2015

Dolphins are a marine creature. Common Name is a dolphin and there are two species discussed. Spotted and spinner dolphins have a special bond with big tuna and most of the times these two species were found jointly but with the advent of plastic nets in the 1960s they were separated. Dolphins were dying as a result of tuna fishery then the public forced the fisherman to change their nets so that big dolphins can easily escape.

Common Name is Spotted Dolphin Scientific Name Stenella attenuata and

Common Name is Spinner Dolphin Scientific Name is Stenella longirostris


Domain- Eukarya

Kingdom- Animalia

Phylum- Chordata



Family- Delphinidae

Genus- Delphinus

Species- Delphinus delphis

Physical and Psychological characteristics

Dolphins look like fish, with smooth, hairless bodies. Their dominant, horizontal flukes, or tail fins, propel them in or out of the water, whereas their fore fins and dorsal fin are used for navigation. A layer of blubber guards them from cold and close small wounds. Dolphins inhale air through a sole, dorsal blowhole. Dolphin’s intelligence, liveliness, and kindliness, its integral smile and good looking eyes have been a basis of interest and attraction to human beings from most primitive times. Nowadays they are valued and exploited as entertainers in more than forty water shows around the world.


Spotted Dolphin and Spinner Dolphin. Retrieved from

Seaworld: Bottlenose Dolphins Scientific Classification. Retrieved from


Delphinus delphisBIO203.Classification


Aug 5th, 2015

which specie you selected and i need to confirm that work is plagiarised ?

Aug 5th, 2015

The specie is Dolphin

Aug 5th, 2015

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Aug 5th, 2015
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