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  1. An issue that can occur with long-term opioid use is tolerance. Explain drug tolerance; what is the result of drug tolerance?
  2. What are the most common side effects and adverse effects of opioids?
  3. What is the difference between drug dependence and drug addiction?
  4. Why did the federal government file criminal charges against Purdue Pharma in 2007; what was the outcome of the case?
  5. Approximately how many people in America died from an opioid overdose in 2017?
  6. In April of 2018, what overdose-reversing drug did the US Surgeon General recommend that all Americans carry? How does the drug work?
  7. Discuss how health care providers can aid in combatting the opioid crisis in America.

Complete a write-up thoroughly addressing the topics/questions for each discussion board.

Utilize the provided text box for all submissions. Do not submit your work as an attachment.

Each initial posting must be a minimum of 200 words in length, that does not include the questions.

No portion of the discussion topic/questions will be included in the minimum length requirement. Only the student's response to the topics/questions will be counted.

Neither your required text nor any instructor provided materials (PowerPoints, handouts, websites, etc.) will be accepted as references. Wikipedia and WebMD are not acceptable references.

References should provide a direct link to the information utilized and be cited within the write-up.

Discussion boards are required and graded activities due before 11:59 pm CST on specific due dates posted in the Schedule of Assignments.

Late submissions will not be accepted.

Discussion Board Grade Components


Possible Points

Content is relevant and fully addresses each topic/question.


Follows directions provided; posts meet length requirements.


Utilizes at least one acceptable reference that is not a textbook or instructor provided materials.


Grammar, punctuation, and formatting are appropriate.


Respond to 2 peer posts/responses add to the discussion and meet length requirement.




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Question 1
Drug tolerance refers to a situation whereby a subject reduces its reaction to a particular
drug. This is the state where a certain organism becomes no longer responsive to a drug.
Tolerance to drugs comes about when one does not respond to the drug in the same way that one
would before. For instance, taking the example of a drug such as morphine, when one starts
taking the drug and continues to take it for a long period of time, the body adjusts to the presence
of the drug within it and goes ahead to make it activated.
As one continuously uses morphine, the body adjusts to its presence and the effects that
the drug has diminishes over time until they diminish severely. When this happens, one might be
forced to increase the amount of dosage in order for the drug to have any effects or the desired
effects (Kuilman and Peeper, 2017). The body becomes adjusted to the drug to a point where it
becomes desensitized to it. It is very dangerous since due to the increase in the dosage that one
takes, there is a high risk of overdose, which can eventually lead to death since one takes more
than the recommended amount.
Question 2
Opioids are drugs that are normally used for the treatment of pain that is considered as
chronic and acute. Despite their usage in controlling pain, they can have mild to severe effects.
This happens especially with people who are aged since their physical state makes them more
vulnerable. This is the reason why it is always advised that they should be taken in low dosage



and then they are increased slowly with time so as to reduce the harmful side effects that come
with their intake.
The common side effects of opioids include nausea, drowsiness and the change in one’s
cognition. Such effects usually last only for a few days once they are used. Such effects normally
resolve after about seventy two hours after one initiates a new medication of opioids or as one

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