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1 WORLDVIEW COMPARISON CHART Based on data from: Direct quotes from that web document are indicated by the Calibri font. Also based on data from: Cells in italics are based on that website. QUESTION What is the nature of ultimate reality? (Ultimate Reality) NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM The only thing that exists is material matter POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) The only thing that exists is material matter Also based on data from: which is indicated by using the Arial font. FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY The universe contains both material and immaterial parts. Spirits There is one Impersonal, exist in a personal, separate place Pantheistic, infinite, from physical Monistic (The transcenuniverse is beings, but dent God the same as they interact who is God or the with each Creator and gods). other in a Sustainer. symbiotic relationship. There is one There is one infinite and trans- personal, infinite, cendent transcendent God God who who is Creator is Creator and Sustainer. and Sustainer. DEISM There is one infinite God who was Creator. 2 QUESTION ORIGIN NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM Accidental. Life occurred as a random event. The force driving the differential forms of life is nature (the environment). POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) Accidental. FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY No Both the beginning physical and point; life spiritual worlds has always exist as the existed. creation of an The physical Intelligent world is an Designer illusion, obscuring [design the "spiritual Basically Basically demands a the force" that is the same Designer]. in every same as Humans and all as Christiphysically Christilife forms anity. existing anity. were uniquely thing. That universal and individually force is formed with the responsible capacity of each for all life, species to which is reproduce itself constantly "after its kind" being recycled. only. DEISM God created the universe and natural physical laws, but has not done anything since then. 3 QUESTION NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM What is the Matter is eternal nature of and what exists is material reality? the result of the (Material eternal operation Reality) of natural laws. What is a human being? (Humanity) Complex biological machines. POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) Reality is what you believe. Complex biological machines. Matter is permeated by spirits FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) Impersonal, illusory, Seeking oneness. THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY DEISM The The material material world world was was created created intenintentionally by tionally God. by God. The material world was created intentionally by God. The material world was created intentionally by God. Material Personality creatures and A special who inhabit individu- creation of the physical ality are God— world [who] illusions. A souls who are body have a life force and spirit. spiritual seeking core. oneness. A special creation of God A special creation whose of God created in essence God's image to A special creation is Spirit. have fellowship of God whose People with God, but essence is Spirit. are fallen into ruinous weak, sin. but not inherently sinful. 4 QUESTION IDENTITY What happens to a person at death? (Death) NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) Evolved animal. Humanity represents the most advanced and specialized animal that has Humanity is developed in the an animal evolutionary species, no process. more Abstract important reasoning skills than any have poised hum other species. ans to be the animal most likely to survive because of developed high adaptability skills. The individual The individual life life form ceases form ceases to exist. to exist. FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) Life is god. All living things are part of that universal force and, thus, part of the force known to some as god or the One. The individual's spirit enters the spiritual dimension. THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY DEISM Imago Dei" ("in God's image") Human beings alone were created after the likeness of the Creator, supirior [sic] to all other living things, having eternal existence, and placed in "dominion" over all creation. Humans alone are allowed to enter into a relationship with the Creator. The grave is the end of The life force The translife. OR: recycles ferring of The transferring of The (reincarnates) life to Heaven or to life to transferring Paradise into another Hell. of life to or to Hell. form. heaven or hell. The transferring of life to Heaven. 5 QUESTION DESTINY NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM Annihilation. When death occurs, the essential elements that came to be combined in the individual, are reduced to their most basic form and recycled by nature into other (living or non-living) forms. POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) Annihilation. It isn't Why is it A chance possible to possible to know happening really know anything. anything at all? because of a high (Knowledge) level of evolution. There is no truth. FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) Reincarnation. The life force of all things is recycled. Through multiple attempts or trials, all life is ultimately progressing Various views toward perfect harmony with the universal force. Attempts or cycles are unlimited (reincarnation) until that unity is reached. THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY Various views God created Knowledge humans with the Assumed to is an ability to exist and illusion. know. known by Nothing Truth is observation. exists as it revealed in appears. the Tanakh and Creation. Eternity. Being made in the imago dei also implies eternal existence. Humans only are eternal in nature which supercedes the Final physical body. The judgment Creator has determined and established eternal reward for those who obey Him and eternal punishment for those who do not. DEISM Various views God created humans God created with the humans with the God created ability ability to know. humans with the to know. Truth is revealed ability to know. Truth is in the Bible and in revealed Creation. in the Quran. 6 QUESTION How do we know what is right and wrong? (Morality) What is wrong with the human race? (Sin) NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM Decided by individuals or social groups. POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) There is no morality. Just don't hurt anyone else. FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY The cosmos is perfect at every God moment. revealed Good and Based on right and evil are an wrong in experience. illusion. the Search Tanakh. your heart for what's right. We are We are We don't isolated from We are trapped in a We haven't obey the each other in beset by cycle of evolved enough. Law of our own evil spirits. reincarnatio Moses. little realities. n. God revealed right and wrong God revealed in the right and wrong Quran in the Bible and in and the the person of Hadith. Christ. Society must follow Shari’a. People are weak and need an Islamic government to force them to behave. DEISM Look wherever you want to. We have a natural The evils of inclination to sin society need to be (wanting to please overcome through ourselves instead social change. of God). 7 QUESTION MORALITY NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) Survival of the fittest or most capable. Morality is utilitarian with no set standards Imposed on except those people by imposed by their nature. Behaviors and cultures; no thinking are objective primarily truths to centered upon them. what will assist the individual in enjoyment of life, avoidance of pain or displeasure, and survivability. Various views FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY Seek unity with all life (force).The individual seeks to come into harmony with the Found in force and the Torah to throw off and it is the applied by limitations in the and Talmud. illusions of physical existence and, in the process, to gain enlightenment. DEISM The Creator establishes the rules. The Creator determined the Found standards for in the Generally accepts "right and Quran the morals wrong," "moral and immoral." and in inherited from Standards for Shari’a Christianity Law. behavior and life are external in origin and are discovered as one comes into relationship with the Creator. 8 QUESTION What is the meaning of human history (History) NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) A linear There is no A linear meaning to progression progression of history; it's a of events series of events without without random special meaning. special events. meaning. FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY A linear succession of events that began Time is an with God's illusion. creation Time and is moves in moving cycles. toward fulfilling his purposes. DEISM A linear succesA linear sion of succession of events events that began that A linear with God's began succession of with creation and is God's moving toward events that began creation with God's fulfilling his and is purposes through creation. moving the death, toward resurrection, and fulfilling return of Christ. his purposes. 9 QUESTION How are we saved? (Salvation) NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) Through There is no education, salvation or science, and hope. further evolution. By appeasing the spirits through rituals and sacrifices. FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) By becoming one with the universe. THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY By obeying the Law of Moses and affiliating with God's covenant people, Israel. DEISM On Judgment Day, one's good deeds will be weighed against By grace alone one's through faith Everyone will be evil alone in Christ saved because deeds. 5 alone. True they are basically required Christians obey good. Except deeds: Christ out of love, maybe people like confesnot as a means to Hitler. sing salvation. Allah and Mohammed; prayer; fasting; pilgrimage; and alms. 10 QUESTION What is the nature of God? NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM God is the imagination of ignorant, superstitious people. POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY There is Buddhists believe in one God, many gods, whose but not in a name ‫יהוה‬ Creator. must not Hindus be probelieve in nounced, one Divine You are the There are who is the Power, god of your many spirits manifested Creator own reality. and ghosts. through and different Lawgiver avatars. and made Taoists believe in the a special yin and yang covenant forces of with nature. Israel. DEISM There is one God, Allah, who has There is one God, no partwho eternally ners. consists of three God created the He persons: Father, universe and then spoke Son, and Holy left us on our through Spirit, who own. the prointervenes in phets, human history. the last of whom is Mohammed. 11 QUESTION MEANING NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM To survive and thrive. Enjoyment of life is the goal with the individual deciding what gives meaning to life as an individual experience. POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) There is no meaning to life. FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) Seek unity with all life (force). The individual seeks to come into harmony with the force and to throw off the limitations and illusions of the physical existence and, in the process, to gain enlightenment. THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY Relationship with the Creator. The meaning of life is to seek relationship with the Creator according to the plan He has established, as a part of what, and the reason for why, He created. DEISM 12 QUESTION What is the chief end of man? NATURALISM/ RATIONALISM POSTMODERNISM ANIMISM/ (deconstruc- SHAMANISM tionism) FAR EASTERN THOUGHT (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) THEISM THEISM THEISM JUDAISM ISLAM CHRISTIANITY The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. See http://www.creeds. net/reformed/West minster/shorter_ca techism.html DEISM A catechism is a list of questions and answers used to teach a church’s children or new members what the church believes. THE WORLDVIEW PAPER: CHOOSING YOUR PHILOSOPY OF ETHICS You must follow these instructions very carefully to get a good grade on this essay! Make sure that your paper contains each and every section outlined below and that every question is fully answered. This is primarily an essay, not a research paper. Nevertheless, you will need to use the class handout Worldview Comparison Chart as a reference. Other references will also need to be used. (See Part IV). I. DESCRIBE YOUR WORLDVIEW. Describe your worldview on the following questions, using the Worldview Comparison Chart: What is the nature of ultimate reality? What is the origin of the universe and of life? What is the nature of material reality? What is the nature of humanity? What is the identity of humanity? Why is it possible to know anything at all? How do we know what is right and wrong? What is morality? What is the meaning of human history? What is wrong with the human race? How are we saved? What is the nature of God? What is the meaning of life? Your worldview does not have to be strictly from one category. II. DESCRIBE THE CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW. Describe the Christian Worldview on the following questions, using the Worldview Comparison Chart: What is the nature of ultimate reality? What is the origin of the universe and of life? What is the nature of material reality? What is the nature of humanity? What is the identity of humanity? Why is it possible to know anything at all? How do we know what is right and wrong? What is morality? What is the meaning of human history? What is wrong with the human race? How are we saved? What is the nature of God? What is the meaning of life? You may quote the chart or use your own words, but use standard referencing techniques if you quote. However, I am expecting more than simply cut and paste. III. DEFINE THE PHILOSOPHIES DISCUSSED IN CLASS. Each philosophy should contain a definition of two to five sentences. The philosophies that you must define are: A TELEOLOGY Teleological ethical systems include: 1 EGOISM 2 UTILITARIANISM B DEONTOLOGY Deontological ethical systems include: 1 CLASSICAL VIRTUES 2 RIGHTS 3 JUSTICE AS FAIRNESS C ETHICAL RELATIVISM D POSTMODERNISM This will require nine definitions of seven philosophies (define teleology separately, although it includes egoism and utilitarianism, and define deontology separately, although it includes classical virtues, rights, and justice as fairness. 1 IV. CHOOSE YOUR PHILOSOPHY. Based on your worldview as described in Part I, choose one of the seven philosophies listed in Part II. Select the one that is most compatible with your values and beliefs. This philosophy should guide you in your career as an accountant and enable you to make moral and ethical choices that are compatible and consistent with your worldview. Explain carefully why you choose this philosophy. You should cite relevant source materials: If your worldview is naturalism, cite naturalistic or rationalistic philosophers. If your worldview is postmodern, cite postmodern or deconstructionist philosophers. If your worldview is animism, cite shamans or new age philosophers. If your worldview is eastern, cite eastern philosophers or gurus. If your worldview is Jewish, cite a Jewish philosopher, the Tanakh, or the Talmud. If your worldview is Muslim, cite the Quran, hadith, or Islamic philosophers. If your worldview is theistic, cite theistic philosophers. If your worldview is deistic, cite deistic philosophers. If your worldview is Christian, cite the Bible and Christian philosophers. If your worldview came from multiple categories, you may need to cite multiple sources. If you don’t know where to find sources to support your philosophy, come to me for help. It may indicate that you haven’t clearly yet thought through your worldview. V. LIST OF SOURCES. Any source you used to write the paper, whether or not you quoted from it, should be listed here. Follow the directions given in your research paper assignment. The grading rubric A detailed rubric is in the handout entitled Rubric Spreadsheet Integration Paper. 2 ...
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Worldview Integration Essay


Worldview integration Essay
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Worldview Integration Essay

Worldview integration Essay
Personal Worldview

It's important to understand your personal worldview, because in this way we can assess all
aspects of the world around us and where we are. According to my understanding, the essence of
ultimate reality is God, because it is the only reality that is supreme and has fundamental power.
The physical world is defined as all space and time (collectively referred to as time and space)
and its content. These contain all forms of energy, including electromagnetic radiation and
matter, and therefore include the contents of planets, moons, stars, galaxies, and intergalactic
space. Morality is the good or bad scope of action. Human history refers to the history of the
entire world, that is, the history of human beings and their ancestors. This person can know
everything that must pass a series of experiments. Without knowing the possibilities, I still have
a belief: a belief in everything, material or abstract. Believe everything I decided to accept; this
table is real, what scientists say to me, ideas, religion, our magical planet and its inhabitants.
There is a good democracy in ignorance. The good and evil in modern society depends entirely
on the quality of morality. Therefore, morality is the center of good and bad. I began to believe
that people were exaggerated because human knowledge, human efforts, human evolution, and
human society have made little success on a cosmic scale. We are a group of monkeys on the
planet that we don't fully understand. My understanding of Bible study highlights the fact that we
are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ who died for all our sins on the cross to save us. God is
considered to be the supreme creator and creator of the universe. Life is a condition that
distinguishes between flora and fauna and inorganic matter, including growth, reproduction,
functional activity, and continuous changes before death (McGrath, Alister. (2009).

Worldview Integration Essay

Christian Worldview

The laws of vision logic in the Christian world are universal and immutable because they reflect
the essence of the living God. How do people describe the terms God, morality and knowledge?
How do conditions affect the daily lives of others? Looking for a worldview, these three
components play a very important role in shaping my thinking, experience and life decisions.
Through many different influences, my views on the world have been shaped and expanded in
my life. My family, friends, colleagues, teachers and even strangers have influenced my life,
which has changed my perception of society and the world around me. Morality, humanity and
God are the three main factors shaping my worldview, because I believe that the most powerful
aspect of my view of the world is my great sense of morality. They helped me with my daily
activities and responses and Morality is the foundation (Takahashi, Yuki D. (2000).
I believe that the essence of the universe is the body and the spirit. Man is the higher
line of mammals, and the entire universe is brought by God. In this case, I actually have
established a historical Christian faith based on my fulfillment in Jesus Christ, the reliability and
prophecy of the Bible. With this starting point, I think the world is created. "I did it at the face
value, not only because it was written in the Bible, but also because there is too much evidence
to support the hundreds of millions of stars in the universe. The Earth and the precise axis, which
distribute heat and cold at any time of the year. So the two hemispheres can produce grain, the
great revolution of this planet is too long or too short to perfect trading day and night. n Earth's
water cycle is designed to perfect the nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle, it is the right atmosphere to
cut off the earth's radiation and debris For the creation of the world, it also meticulously rules the
nature, designing our world and adjusting this order of our lives.

Worldview Integration Essay


Laws like physics and mathematics are not accidental, and the opportunity to create
them is not accidental. They show the purpose, control and design. Created by supernatural
Creator, the world has a clear spiritual element. Although the power of God, as stipulated by the
laws of nature, can replace and replace natural law, leading to miracles and supernatural events,
such as the global flood, the birth and resurrection of Jesus' virgins. In my opinion, people are a
special and unique character that people own and make them different from other creatures.
Others (almost) are completely human emotions such as hatred, pride, shame, jealousy, etc.
Humans also have their own wisdom, that is, abstract thoughts and language. This is not just a
reference to human behavior; in fact, it means that our species is not perfect. Complex,
apparently imperfect, even "good and bad", also known as the human condition, such as "only
talent from nature is competitive, selfish and aggressive." In this respect, we sometimes think
that human nature is immutable, but this is not the case, because when one solves the basic
psychological uncertainty that leads to the human condition we have problems; the
transformation of human dreams is a product (Takahashi, Yuki D. (2000).
For Christianity, it is possible to understand everything, because the thought of truth
and knowledge begins with the existence of God. Not only God, but the only living creator, God.
We can only know him because he decided to reveal himself. All of this may be based on a
revelation in two forms: the absolutely correct Bible and the sacred character of Jesus Christ.
God is real. God is the source of all true knowledge. And because God is immutable, Isaiah
warns us that good and evil can be confused: "Worry, those who call evil good and evil, who
turn dark as light, light as dark, who bitter sweet, Sweet is bitter".(Isaiah 5:20), in today's culture,
good and evil in what we think of the grid is best suited to us and our neighbors. Basically,
human beings are now "God" and the power to determine our own moral standards. Christ Ian's

Worldview Integration Essay


Code of Ethics The definition of the Christian Bible is the right standard and is set by Jesus
Christ. He teaches his students that it is based on two foundations: the history of the love world
of God and the loved one, and the everyday language is human ( Or human history) history,
archaeology, anthropology determination, genetics, linguistics and other disciplines, as well as
inventions from writing, written history, sources and secondary research. My people are God
who created them to follow certain rules, but rose to believe that religion is outdated, and God is
not the highest covenant. Christian Universalists agree with the views of Calvinists and
Armenians, who are born in sin and need to be saved. They also believe that Jesus Christ was
saved by one person. They point out, however, that the time of judgment of sinners in hell is
limited, and God uses the court to brin...

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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