CPMGT301 Week 2 Project Phoenix Communication Management Plan

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Create a 550-word Communication Management Plan for the project scenario you chose in Week 2.

Develop a table (insert in your paper) in which you identify project stakeholders and indicate their influence on the project. Make sure you discuss the information contained in the table. In other words do not just include a table, there must be discussion of what your table is showing and telling the reader. Note the Table contents are not counting against the word count for the assignment.

Discuss what communication mediums/methods will be used for each project stakeholder (that you just identified) and why they are the most effective.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Project Communication Management Plan
Course’s Name
Student’s Name
Due Date




Project Communication Management Plan
A table where the project stakeholders are identified and their influences on the
project are indicated is presented below:

Influence on the Project

Communication mediums/methods
Voice communication and short

President of the
Final project decision such as

message service updates with

approval or denial

document attachments and calls as

Company /
Project Leader
Implement smartphones into
Investigator of

Updates for voice communication
the company with the lowest


and short message service
operation costs

Project Dealer

Control the number of

Updates for voice communication

purchased smartphones for

and short message service with

the employees


Provide insurance deal in
Updates for voice communication
Human Resource

order to protect the company
and short message service with

(HR) Manager

and employees within the
Create a draft of the policy for ...

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