Love and Unity Moral Lessons

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first document the instructions for the paper.

Second document is the story for the show that I attended.

Third document is the questions that must answer on the paper.

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Play attendance-You will need to bring your Student ID (swipable) to the performances to get credit for play attendance. Please sign up for text and email confirmation. Take your play programs with you when the play is over; you will need the information to write the critique. Play Critiques- E-campus/Turn It In Credit will not be given for critiques if the following steps are not adhered to: . Each critique must be at minimum of four paragraphs single-spaced. Font- Times New Roman or Calibri 11 Include: name and class time or section on the upper left hand side of paper Play title is italicized throughout the critique. Do not describe the play's plot, though you will need to use some descriptions of plot, theme, character, etc. You will need the play program to use specific names of actors, characters, directors, designers, etc. Specific paper content, expectations, terms and vocabulary will be discussed in class. Below is more specific information on content. Please see information concerning missed classes. If you do not follow paper instructions, content, etc., you will not receive credit for paper. Critiques must be turned in (uploaded to e-campus) by midnight the Wednesday following closing night, or earlier if desired. Save your critiques until you have received your final course grade. Due dates are posted in the projected course outline. Check e-campus to make sure your papers have been accepted. It is your responsibility to make sure you have credit for the papers. In order to get credit for your paper, you must follow the format below. • 10 points will be deducted for every day late. . Your Name Class Time or Section Name of Play in Italics On (date) I attended (name of play) (place) Body of paper single-spaced Font: Times New Roman or Calibri 11 Paper 1 The Magic Flute critique will consist of: This will consist of answering all three-critique questions. We will cover this information on lecture date January 17. If you miss this lecture, I will not give information missed. SYNOPSIS ACT ONE, Scene One A young prince named Tamino is being chased by a serpent through a valley. After he falls unconscious, three ladies emerge from a temple and kill the snake. Tamino awakens and assumes the snake was killed by a good-natured bird catcher named Papageno who has just arrived on the scene. When Papageno accepts the credit, the three ladies reappear and place a padlock on his lips. They then show Tamino a picture of Pamina, the beautiful daughter of their mistress, the Queen of the Night. He immediately falls in love with her. They then tell him she has been kidnapped by the evil magician Sarastro. The Queen appears and asks Tamino to rescue Pamina, which he agrees to do. The ladies free Papageno and give him a magic set of silver bells. They also give Tamino a magic flute and send the two off on their mission. Scene Two On the way to Sarastro's temple, Tamino and Papageno lose each other, but Papageno finds Pamina. She is being held against her will by Sarastro's beast-like servant, Monostatos. Papageno and Monostatos mistake each other for the Devil, and Monostatos is scared away. Papageno then escapes with Pamina to find Tamino. Scene Three Tamino is being led through Sarastro's realm by three spirits. He tries to enter the three temple doors but is turned away from two. At the third, he is greeted by a priest, who tells him the Queen is really the evil one and the good Sarastro was merely trying to get Pamina away from her mother's dark influence. Tamino rushes off to find Pamina; a moment later, she and Papageno enter, pursued by Monostatos. Papageno plays his magic bells, rendering the villain and his henchmen harmless. Sarastro enters and tells Pamina she is free to marry but not to return to her mother. Tamino is brought in by Monostatos, who demands a reward from Sarastro but instead gets punished. - There will a 10-minute intermission ACT TWO Sarastro and the priests of Isis and Osiris hold a ritual, explaining that Tamino and Papageno are about to undergo the rites of initiation to determine if they are worthy to enter the Temple of Light. Tamino, who is brave, and Papageno, who is not receive contradictory counsel from the priests and the Queen of the Night's three ladies, but they decide to follow the priests. Monostatos attempts one last seduction of Pamina, but he is interrupted by the Queen who comes to her daughter and demands that murder Sarastro. Instead, Pamina goes to Sarastro and begs forgiveness for her mother; he agrees, declaring that only love, not vengeance, will lead to peace and happiness. As part of their tests, both Tamino and Papageno are sworn to silence. An old woman approaches Papageno declaring that she is really eighteen years old and in love with him. She runs away, but the three spirits appear and give back to Tamino and Papageno the magic flute and bells. Pamina arrives, but she misunderstands Tamino's silence and is heartbroken. Sarastro reassures her, but she is not comforted. Papageno says that he wants a sweetheart, and the old woman returns and reveals herself to be a young woman in disguise. Her name: Papagena. As soon as she reveals herself, however, a priest orders her away. Meanwhile, Pamina is about to commit suicide using the dagger her mother gave her to kill Sarastro. The three spirits stop her and take her to Tamino, who is about to undergo the final trial. Pamina and Tamino go through the ordeal together, emerging unscathed thanks to the magic flute. Papageno rather reluctantly attempts to hang himself. Seeing this , the three spirits suggest he play his magic bells. He does and Papagena appears; the two declare their intent to raise a large family. Monostatos joins the Queen of the Night as they plot to destroy Sarastro's temple. Instead, the Queen of the Night hands Monostatos back over to Sarastro when he appears. The opera ends with the company celebrating the victory of light over darkness. from: San Francisco Opera (2015 production):, and rdited by: Cameron Khoshgam SCHOOL OF MUSIC Michael Ibrahim, Director Jodie Marie Lewis, Administrative Associate Voice Faculty Hope Koehler, Laura Knoop Very, Rob Chafin, William Koehler Special thanks to Massoulo's Cleaners & Tailors, 447 High Street, Morgantown, for providing assistance with the dry-cleaning needs for this production. The apex 288-2018 paragraphs. you can start with quistion it is okey to have an intro! Three quistions: we go *1- What is being ablempted? enrirnainment? insive? knowledge. The play with the turive -The director Why Did the play right play it to intertain us? or another goal teach us about history? or astory of some one? is it asling they consider everything. what is the prespective of the diveron or play wrive or even borm. Reasons to theater? wis * 2- Wikas the attempt successful? did it intertain us? or gave us knowledge? or did you individualy discudared something from the play. or did you gain knowledge from the play? Was their intentanment? of knowledge. be splcific. Doesn't have to be succesful. 3-was the attempt worthwhile? Did you waste your time? or you spent in doing something fun. The people behind the set were they good? the east the box office were they all doing a good job? was it a good play Port ata why ? diníctor writers to write us to pay for it and watchin? was it worthwhile for the play write to write it? aps the play educational for ant students
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Love and Unity Moral Lessons
Generally, storytelling was used in the past to deliver specific information which is either
to teach lessons or educate people and also for entertainment purposes. An example here is an
educational story that involves several characters which educate about the importance of staying
united and also the impact of love. Also, the story is entertaining considering the level of
creativity the author has created plus the presence of magic which makes it even more
interesting. This paper will analyze the moral teachings of the story deeply by giving evidential
facts and ...

Goes above and beyond expectations!