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I'm looking for everyone to conduct professional dialogue with each other regarding our question or questions of the week. As a quick review, here's what will you help you achieve a high grade with these forums: #1. Using personal/professional real-life experiences and relating these experiences to the textbook chapter or researching the discussion topic by citing a specific outside source or sources always strengthens a post. However, I would state that these experiences or sources should support your post only. I want to read about your point of view and not an article off the Internet. If you do find a source that supports your position be sure to cite it correctly using either APA or MLA in text citations. #2. With the follow-up posts with your classmates I'm looking for a conversation about the particular topic of the week. Asking questions, along with follow-up answers to your classmates, allows everyone to engage in the conversation. From my previous experiences with the online courses I've taught, the discussion board forums provide some valuable information to the participating class members. We can all definitely learn from each other and our experiences! #3. Treat these discussion board forums as you would in writing complete sentences and paragraphs for a memo to your boss or supervisor. Please proofread your posts for any spelling and grammar errors and refrain from using "text" language with emoticons. With all of that information as background, our discussion board this week pertains to chapter 4 in our textbook - " Managing Decision Making." Throughout my career, as I'm sure all of you have experienced at one point or another, there were times where I had the information and knowledge needed to make an intelligent decision. However, there were many times where I couldn't go alone and I needed help. Now, for our question this week. This is the question that you need to submit this week. As a manager, what conditions, situations or circumstances might influence your choice of employing a group decision making approach rather than making the decision by yourself. In other words, while you have the organizational authority to make the decision at hand, cite at least two organizational conditions, situations or circumstances might cause you to involve other organizational members in the process of reaching that decision? Before submitting the post, as always please read chapter 4. At the same time take a few minutes to view the YouTube video below entitled, "Tips to Improve the Decision Making Process." The reading and the video may help generate some thoughts for your various posts.
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Managing Decision Making
Decision making is a process whereby a person(s) analyses and evaluates available
alternatives to come up with the best option to handle the situation. A decision making process
can either be carried...

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