The USA Patriot Act analysis

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Explain how the USA PATRIOT Act of 2011 creates a controversy between supporters of the Individual-rights perspective and the Public-order advocates.

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Individual-Rights Perspective vs Public-Order Advocates The USA PATRIOT Act is an act made to improve the ability of US law enforcement to detect terrorism. It passed forty-five days by Georges W. Bush after the attacks in New York on September 11, 2001. It provides law enforcement with new tools to fight against terrorism and reduce the growing threat that flew on the American society. Despite the good devotion hidden behind this Act, it has created a controversy between supporters of individual-rights perspective and the public-order advocates. In fact, Individual rights perspective is for the people seeking to protect personal freedom and civil right. On the other side, the public-order advocates are one who seek to believe that under certain circumstance involving a crime threat to public safety, the interest of society should take precedence over individual rights. Individual rights perspectives claimed that it affects their individual rights. The Act had restricted the government from listening to people’s conversations on a private face to face, telephone, and electronic communication unless authorized by court order in the event of a serious crime. Section 201 and 202 of the USA PATRIOT ACT added terrorism and computer crimes in the list of severe offenses thus the law enforcement attained court orders to listen everything. Voicemails were withdrawn from such protections that govern telephone conversation. Section 216 of that act allowed trace devices which would be used to identify calls made from one location to the other. The method did not require a court order but a government certificate to show information gathered from such surveillance was crucial. The critics of the PATRIOT Act insisted some of the parts in the Act were unconstitutional and would lead to abuse by the federal authorities. For example, section 215, was believed to violate the privacy protection by the Fourth Amendment as the law enforcement did not require search warranties or warning of the suspect before invading their privacy. Secondly, the FBI conducted surveillance on the US citizen without a probable criminal engagement. The other way the individualist rights feel the Act has undermined the constitution, matters concerning the forfeiture of estate. In the Sections 106 and 806 of the PATRIOT ACT, the act allows the freezing of the property of terrorist individuals or organizations. The constitution, on the other hand, does not call for the conviction of the terrorist property but forfeiture. Finally, it’s evident division will continue to emerge over the USA PATRIOT Act, but the truth is the situation shall remain to be a contradictory one whether the current changes remain or more amendments are made in future. Those that complain of invaded privacy are the same people who fall victims to terror attacks. Instead of people being self-centered of government invasion to their privacy, they should appreciate the safety that they have experienced over time Government surveillance had helped counter planned terrorist attacks before they took place, and this has significantly contributed in reducing the number of terror attacks and destructions that would have taken place. Individual privacy and safety lose meaning if the whole society was under attack and therefore, people should start realizing the crucial role the government plays in ensuring a safe world for the good of humanity. But I also think that the government should manage to make everyone feel more comfortable, it is quite possible to maintain a good society's security without depriving each individual of his rights guaranteed by the constitution. Works Cited Birkland, T. A. (2015). An introduction to the policy process: Theories, concepts, and models of public policy making. Routledge.6W2 Doyle, C. (2001, December). Terrorism: Section by section analysis of the USA Patriot Act. Congressional Research Service, the Library of Congress. LAUNDERING, M. (2001). THE UNITING AND STRENGTHENING AMERICA BY PROVIDING APPROPRIATE TOOLS REQUIRED TO INTERCEPT AND OBSTRUCT TERRORISM (“USA PATRIOT ACT”) ACT OF 2001. ...
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The Patriot Act
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Perhaps none of the new century laws created more controversies than the USA Patriot
Act of 2001. Issues concerning violations of individual human rights such as those concerning
privacy instigated debates all over the country on the constitutionality of the law. Opposers were
keen to criticize it from the moment of creation. They cited the accelerated legislative process as
reactionary and irrational. Then stripped the Act section by section attacking the contents which
seemed to offer law enforcement unimaginable power. Supporters were keen to use the recent
terror attacks as a sign of changing times which demanded Americans let go of some individual
rights for the sake of all. This paper discusses these controversies referring to the accelerated
process of creating the US Patriot Act as reasons behind contentions between supporting publicorder advocates and opposing individual-rights supporters.
Initially, the accelerated legislative process jumpstarted the controversies that came to
cloud the Patriot Act. It was created as a response to increasing terror threats to the US. The
country had just experienced a chain of terror events, the recent being the September 11, 2001
attack. Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked planes which they crashed in New York and Washington
D.C. killing almost 3000 people. Adding to the pressure were prior warnings from previous
attacks against US embassies in East Africa killing 224 people respectively. Also, there was an
increased focus on the US due to its missions in terror-infested areas in the Middle East
(Martinez, 2012). These complexities made it an urgency to create the USA PATRIOT Act or
“Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools ...

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